2E MECHATRONICconnectors, cable assemblies, sensor & housing technology
 3Mconnectors3D Models
 4Fstandard rivets, stainless steel range, fastening solutions
 ABAtool clips, clamps and fasteners
 ABA BEULbrass armatures, production of standard parts and by special productions
 ABB CONTROL PRODUCTSdrives, high voltage products & systems, instrumentation and analytical, force measurement, power electronics, medium voltage products and systems, motors and generators, low voltage products and systems, control systems, robots, transformer products, transformer products
 ABECtransportation equipment and conveyor components
 ABELE + HÖLTICHthread and profil rolling, thread rolls, knurling tools
 ABGwheel manufacturer, chain manufacturer, planks, compression technology
 ABP ANTRIEBSTECHNIKdrive components3D Models
 ACCELuniversal joints, smooth spacers, standoffs threaded
 ACCURIDEball bearing slides
 ACEshock absorber3D Models
 ACLAmoulded parts
 ACOhigh-value control valves, stuffing box, bolted bonnet, buttweld ends flanges
 ACOMEconnections for pex/pb tubing, multilayer tubing connections
 ACS MOTION CONTROLcustomised multi axis modular control system, servo application
 ACTION SEALTITEcamlock fittings, drylink, snaptite, ibc fittings, mann-tek, fulcrum, drymate, and many more.
 ADAPT ELEKTRONIKflexible flat cable & molding
 ADE HYDRAULIKZYLINDERlifters, actuators, motor brakes
 ADEMVAcutting and deformation tools, measuring tools
 ADEPTrobot systems
 ADES TECHNOLOGIEShigh-pressure hydraulic valves, low-pressure valves, low-pressure connectors
 ADITECtransmission and sealing technology
 ADN PESAGEweighing sensors
 A-DRIVE TECHNOLOGYengines - automati controller - controls
 AERO PUMPatomizer pumps and dispensers
 AEROMATICvalves, pneumatic rotary actuators, electrically operated actuators, electric actuators, pneumatic check valves, butterfly valves
 AEROQUIPhoses, hose fittings, connectors, valves, clamps and molded and extruded plastics
 AEROTECHpositioning systems, stages, goniometers, gimbals & optical mounts, gantries, motion simulators, spindles, actuators, industry solutions, custom systems, motion controllers, data acquisition, drives & drive racks, motors, galvanometers, accessories
 AFAGpneumatic handling ; electrical handling ; feeding technology ; linear transfer system
 AFG ARBONIA heating, radiators
 AFIMESsecurity systems for cables, machinery and instruments, magnetic sensors, inductive sensors, level sensors, capacitive sensors
 AFRISOlevel indicators and controllers, overfill alarm systems, leak detectors and leak monitoring systems, gas ans smoke alarms, heating controllers, thermostats, solar controllers, pressure gauges and controllers
 AGATHONpillar die-sets for tool manufacturing, guide elements for die, mold, machine and fixture construction ; die-sets in cast iron, steel and aluminum ; die-sets assembled with slide, ball or roller guide elements ; accessories
 AGIprogrammable axes, automation components
 AGORA TECHNIQUEdealers, linear guides for high load
 AGSend-of-arm tooling
 AHAUSER GUMMIWALZENrubber rollers, roller cores & systems hoses
 AHP MERKLEhydraulic cylinders, rotary drive unit, clamping elements
 AIR SYSTEM PNEUMATICvalves, couplings, fittings & pneumatics cylinders
 AIRCALOhvac3D Models
 AIRCOMP BY STAMPOTECNICAvalve, fittings & cylinders
 AIRINDEXrelay, sensor, pressure-vaccum,pressure-vaccum switch, rotary level, vibrating level ultrasound
 AIRLOC SCHREPFERvibration engineering
 AIRMATexpanding shafts,chucks,roll lifters,rotating unions
 AIRPIPEhigh performance products for air compressors and pneumatics
 AIRTECpneumatic components3D Models
 AIRWELLheat pump models, cooling
 AK INDUSTRIESrotary sensors, force sensors, linear sensors
 AKB ANTRIEBSTECHNIKcustomized gearboxes - heat exchangers - engineering
 AKTroller bearings
 AKT WAELZLAGERball- needle- and roller-bearings carrying and conveyor roles
 AL INDUSTRIESprotective covers
 ALBERT JAGGERcommercial vehicle components
 ALCOA FASTENING SYSTEMShigh strength huck® fasteners ; recoil® brand thread inserts and accessories ; marson® brand rivets, inserts and tools ; aluerivet® assortment of rivets and tools ; includes the following brands: camloc delron, deutsch, huck, k-fast, kaynar, mairoll , mecaero , microdot , ram , rosan , screw-corp , simmonds , snep , technico , tridair ,voi-shan3D Models
 ALCYON ELECTRONIQUEprecision air pressure regulators/electro-pneumatic controls and frictionless diaphragm air cylinders
 ALDER SAmirror fittings, fittings, shelving
 ALDEScentralised vacuum cleaning, ventilation, fire protection, air diffusion and distribution, acoustics
 ALFATECtiger bearing combined, linear axes
 ALFONS HAAR- components and systems for transport and storage of liquids especially for mineral oil and chemical industry - machine tools and production lines for the can making industry
 ALIAXISpumps, pipes, fittings
 ALL FOR ONE SYSTEMHAUSconsulting, training, rehabilitation, hospitals, clinics
 AL-LIGHTINGheadlamps, rear lamps, pedestrian protection
 ALLTECworm gear screw jacks mitre gear boxes lifting screw protective covers couplings and high flexible shafts accessories linear motion devices linear motion precision screws electromechanical linear actuators electromechanical screw ram quick-lifting mitre gear boxes couplings flexible protection boots motors
 ALLWEILERscrew spindle pumps centrifugal pumps propeller pumps progressing cavity pumps peristaltic pumps macerators rotary lobe pumps
 ALMA DRIVING ELEMENTSvacuum feedthroughs, magnetic fluid sealed ; modular drive solutions ; precision bearing units ; screws for vacuum applications ; securable shaft nuts ; torsion stiff metal bellow couplings ; 3D Models
 ALMATICdevelopment and manufacturing of hydraulic motors, specialist in drives for heavy and large doors
 ALMETprofessional aluminium machining
 ALSlubrication technology, pneumatic microspray system, pump and drip feed oiler, fittings and accessories
 ALTHENmeasuring and sensor technology
 ALTRATECaluminium profile systems3D Models
 ALU-SYTECprofiles and components
 ALXIONmotors, alternators, servodrives
 AMCrubber metal-suspensions, vibrabsorber, akustik, akustilabsorber, akustik+ sylomer
 AMCOrubber and plastics
 AMFclamping systems (mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic), hand tools, door locks
 AMKdrive and control engineering, controllers, servo inverters, motors, geared motors
 AMSsoftware company for integrated erp solutions
 AMTprecision ground ballscrew, rolled ballscrew
 AMTEC ROBOTICSmechatronic components, lathe chucks, chuck jaws, stationary workholding, special hydraulic, toolholding systems
 ANCHOR LAMINAtool construction/mechanical engineering/automobile industry/spring/tool lifter/cam slides/columm huide frames
 ANCOFERheavy plates,abrasion resistant and high strength plates, flame cut parts and hollow sections
 ANDILOGforce gauges, torque gauges, digital indicators,pull testers
 ANDRINlifting magnets
 ANFOTECdrive systems for the tool and mechanical engineering
 ANJOS VENTILATIONair intakes, air grille, roof flaps, locking doors
 ANKERport and harbour construction, bridge and structural engineering
 ANPING COUNTY ANHESHENG HARDWARE MESH PRODUCTSfilter series, welded mesh series, woven mesh series
 ANT ATRIEBSTECHNIKdrive technology3D Models
 ANTEKdrive systems
 ANUBA AGbands
 ANVIS INDUSTRYthe anvis group portfolio comprises top-quality anti-vibration solutions for vehicles and industrial applications.
 ANYWAREit-consulting, it-services und it-solutions
 AOKI SEIMITSU KOGYOtransmissions, gears, profiles
 APAwelding and measurement technology
 APAAXmechanical elements, hinges, locks, standard parts
 APEMindustrial switches, keypads and pushbuttons, industrial joysticks3D Models
 APORErobotercomponents3D Models
 APRA-NORMpanel instrument cases and accesories, enclosure systems and plug-in units3D Models
 ARCANElinear guiding, convoying system, handling components
 ARCO fittings for hydraulic systems
 ARGO HYTOSfiltration & fluid management sensors & measurement fluid & motion control
 ARKEMAtubing manufacturer
 ARMSTRONGsystem solutions for steam, air and hot water
 ARNDTmanufacturer of fittings for control engineering made of the materials brass, steel and stainless steel - with competence and experience.
 ARNOLD UMFORMTECHNIKfastening technology
 AROFLEX AGhydraulic systems, control units and special equipment
 AROSmanufacture aggregates and cylinders for general mechanical engineering and equipment construction, for construction machines, waste disposal engineering, corridor promotion vehicles, giessereimaschinen, lift work platforms, commercial motor vehicles, robotics, wind-powered devices and further industries.
 ARTEChydraulic and pneumatic cylinders & fittings
 ASA HYDRAULIKcooler, hydraulicscomponents
 ASCO NUMATICSpneumatic components, cylinders3D Models
 ASM AUTOMATIONposition sensors, temperature measuring, measuring instruments
 ASSA ABLOYelectric strike, bolts, holding magnets, safety locks and machatronic locking cylinders
 ASTROSYNhybrid stepper motors, pm stepper motors, stepper motor drives, battery chargers, miscellaneous motors, electronics enclosures
 ASV STÜBBEpumps, valves, instrumentation
 ATBindustrial motors & drive systems servomotors motors for house and garden appliances explosion-proof electrical motors
 ATEasynchronous motor range, synchronous motor range, torque motor range, micro drives and system drives
 ATEKright-angle power transmission
 ATHMERseals for doors and gates
 ATMIfloat level switches liquids, tilt level switches solids
 ATOSlocks and hinges
 ATOScabinets, cases, racks, systems, thin sheet metal equipment
 ATOS HYDRAULICSpumps, cylinders, valves, modulars, sol. valves, cartbridges, ..
 ATOTECHelectronics materials & semi conductors technology
 ATVelectric, hydraulic and pneumatic disc brakes, drum brakes, rail brakes, shock absorbers, atv planetary gears, clutches, rotary actuators, bevel gear boxes, screw jacks, phasor gears, gears
 AUMAelectrical control drives and armature transmissions, actuators, gearboxes
 AUMÜLLER AUMATIClinear spindle actuator chain actuator manual detectors automatic detectors smoke and heat vent control
 AUTOMAXmini jig cylinder, mini cylinders, dc sliders , rodless cylinders, actuators
 AVENTICS - REXROTH PNEUMATICSindustrial pneumatics for processing and manufacturing
 AVL ROULETTESwheels, castors
 AWHpipes, fittings and valves technology
 AXELENTaxelent manufactures and sells mesh wall systems for machine builders, warehouse designers and building contractors.3D Models
 AXFLOWeccentric screw pumps, diaphragm pumps
 AXMOguides, ball screws, spindle controllers, motor control
 AXNUMlinear motion
 AXOMtransducers, non-contact sensors, display elements, axis control, vibration measurement
 AXONcables, wires, connectors
 AXXAIRpneumatic motors
 AZ ARMATURENplug valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, check valves, sight glassas, strainers, sampling systems, control valves
 B&Rautomation solutions and process3D Models
 B.J. FLEXhydraulichoses, fittings, adaptors
 BÄCKERindexing and clamping handles, indexing bolts
 BADGER METERcontrol valves & measurement technologies
 BAECKERplastic bolts
 BAELZ AUTOMATICheat exchangers, control valves, jet pumps & measurement technology
 BAHR MODULTECHNIKpositioning systems
 BAILEY & MACKEYpressure switches, diaphragm & differential pressure gauges, bourdon tube pressure gaucges, pressure transducers
 BAIZball screws
 BALDORac motors, dc motors, servo motors, linear products
 BALOGHaccess controls, identification (rfid) tags, sender, receiver
 BALS ELECTROTECHNIKindustrial plugs and sockets , power distributing & emobility
 BAMO MESURESsensor, flowmeter, instrument measuring, controller, detector, sampler, contactor, meter, separator, regulator
 BANDI + GERBERslide and rotary module
 BANSBACHproducing all types of gas springs
 BARpneumatic and electric actuators, positioners, limit switch boxes, pressure boosters or reducers as well as solenoid valves.
 BÄR FEDERNtechnical springs
 BARNES GROUP, INC.springs, washers
 BARNIER & FILSstandard cylinders, specific cylinders, valves
 BARTHELfittings for the shipbuilding and other industrial sectors
 BAUDONtubes, connectors, piping, hose band
 BAUDRYcontainers, boxes and briefcases
 BAUMANN SPRINGSsprings and stampings
 BAUMÜLLERsolutions for automation, installation, drive and control systems technology
 BAUSERprecision plastic parts
 BAVARIA FLUIDTECsensors, valves & pumps
 BECK FEDERNTECHNIKtechnical spings
 BECKHOFFpc-based control technology
 BEE2-way ball valves with threaded ends ; 2-way flange ball valves ; multi-port ball valves ; ball valves in stainless steel ; ball valves in special design ; ball valves with actuator, extras ; thermally released shutoff valves - tas ; gas ball valves with thermally released shut off valve ; gas plug in valves with extras ; extras & mounting kits ; excess flow safety valves and gas meter valves 3D Models
 BEETZhydraulic cylinders and aggregates, test stands, hand feed pumps, pneumatics
 BEIJER ELECTRONICS PRODUCTSindustrial pc, software
 BEKAloop powered indicators, fieldbus display and indicators, batch controllers, temperature transmitters, sounders and beacons, lamps
 BEL STEWART CONNECTORmodular connectors
 BELLOWSTECHwelded bellows
 BENDER PNEUMATICpush-in fittings push-in connectors screw/threaded connectors accessories for screw/threaded connectors connectors & distribution devices couplings hoses/tubing and air pressure guns throttle valves, lock-off valves/check valves, return valves solenoid/ mechanical/ pneumatic valves service units cylinders silencer stainless steel valves stainless steel programme
 BENE INOXstainless steel fittings, screws, bolts3D Models
 BERENDSENdealer for mechanical elements
 BERGd-sub connectors, circular connectors, pcb connectors, miniature connectors, coaxial connectors, special connectors
 BERGES ANTRIEBSTECHNIKsuppliers of mechanical infinitely variable pulley systems
 BERNAY AUTOMATIONaluminum profiles, linear actuators, gripper modules, conveyor systems, assembly technique
 BERNSTEINelectronic and electromechanical systems and components for industrial automation
 BERNSTEINhighlights, switch systems, sensor systems, enclosure systems
 BERTHOLD MARXfrench manufacturer of gas springs
 BETT SISTEMIconnectors,positioners, guides and linear tables, handles, hinges, feet, structural profiles, components for conveyors
 BI TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATIONencoders, magnetic components, hybrid microcircuits, power ressistors, sensors, switches, trimmer potentiometers
 BIATtension elements, screws or die-forged parts
 BIBUSrotary actuators, pneumatic anchors, solenoid valves, springs, secoh air pumps ; side channel blowers ; gummi jaeger diffusers ; camozzi pneumatics ; bansbach gas springs
 BILLATstoppers,grommets, isolation caps, isolation protector plugs
 BIMBAnarrow profile cylinders, alignment couplers, electric-pneumatic cylinders, flow controls, iso - cylinders, linear thrusters, low profile cylinders, nfpa cylinders, non-repairable stainless steel cylinders, pneu-turn rotary actuator, repairable stainless steel cylinders, switches, twin bore
 BIMEDglands, gaz springs
 BIMEXfittings, gate, valves, gate valves, check valves, butterfly valves
 BINDERcircular connectors for industrial applications connectors for automation technology customized solutions
 BINDER MAGNETICpulleys, belts, guide rails, permanent magnets, solenoids, brakes, clutches
 BISON GEARgearmotors, motors, reducers
 BLANKEcompression fittings, pipe clamps, ball valves, air brake fittings, lubrication and oil control accessories as well as transformator parts for high voltage transformators
 BLARDelements of beton
 BLS MAGNETplate magnets, electro pot magnets and magnet bars, mag-lift lifting magnets, sheet separators
 BLUMhinge, drawer, pull-out and flap systems, assembly devices for furniture fittings
 BOC EDWARDSvacuum actuated cylinder compound semiconductor semiconductor flanges & fittings instrumentation truck blowers - vacuum feedwater heaters liquid ring pumps specialized system valves shelf dryers thin film coating opthalmic lens coating chemical pumps drypumps industrial dry pumps leak detectors liquid ring pumps measurement & control mechanical booster pumps piston pumps pump accessories oil-sealed pumps turbomolecular pumps valves, fittings & fluids small vapor diffusion pumps large vapor diffusion pumps and vapor boosters vacuum trucks valves
 BOCKWOLDTgears, gear motors
 BOKERwashers, stampings
 BOM ROBINETTERIEcheck valves, ball valves, safety valves
 BÖMAprofiles,technic connection, flat belt, conveyor technology, linear technlogy
 BONDIOLIcardan joint shafts, equipment protection pots for crash protection provided by pto, heat exchangers
 BONENGgear unit
 BONFIGLIOLIfixed speed gearmotors, speed variators, speed variators bonfiglioli, gearmotors, speed reducers, speed reducers bonfiglioli, gearboxes, worm gears, electric motors, controllers motors, inverters, moto variators, inverter
 BONNA SABLApipeline construction, civil engineering, beton elements
 BORDIGNONdie springs, cylinders, evacuators, ejectors
 BORELLO-MAFFIOTTOvalves, pumps, press, switches, safety valves
 BORG-WARNERautomatic transmission,
 BOURDON-HAENNIelectronic pressure measurement mechanical pressure measurement pressure switches diaphragm seals and special process connections continuous level measurement level switches force and strain sensors, magnetic sensors
 BOURNSconnectors, diodes, encoders, led shunt protectors, sensors, switches, transistors & thyristors3D Models
 BOUTETgripping and positioning3D Models
 BRAUERhorizontal toggle clamps, vertical toggle clamps, industrial wheels & castors
 BREITBACH ANTRIEBSTECHNIKshaft couplings, flywheel couplings, torque limiters, clutches, v-belt drives, timingbelt drives, taperbushes and clamping elements
 BREVINImechanical power transmission
 BRICARDcylinders, locks, bolt locks
 BRINCKtubular connectors
 BROSSETTEseamless steel tubes en 10216-2, 10216-4, 10216-1, welded tubes, welded joints and connections forged, oil and iso flanges, accessories
 BRUCKNER SPANNTECHNIKlive centres dead centres tool steel reduction sleeves face drivers face chucks live centres
 BSIprovider of management system certifications and certification solutions, british standards
 BUCHERexternal gear internal gear external gear motors gerotor motors internal gear flow-preventing valves directional spool valves directional seat valves electro-pumps
 BULGIN 3D Models
 BURACCObutterfly valves, gate valves, non-return check valves, safety check valves
 BURGMANNmechanical seals for pumps agitator seals compressor seals magnetic couplings seal supply systems stuffing box packings static seals rotary kiln sealing systems marine seals seals for aircraft & space expansion joints shaft seals mechanical seals
 BURSTERsensor electronics, measure & test devices, calibration instruments3D Models
 BUSCHvacuum pumps and systems
 BUTZBACHdevelopment, design, manufacture and assembly of customised industrial doors
 BWTwater filters
 C&Ubearing products
 C.E.M.E.valves, pumps, press, switches, safety valves
 CABLOFILcable trays
 CABURNflanges, fittings, gate valves
 CAE GROUPindustrial cables, electrical equipment, residential network
 CAILLAUhose clamps
 CALPEDAvalves, connectors,mounting
 CAMCO-FERGUSONhandling systems, conveyor systems, transmission step, indexing tables, safety couplings
 CAMDEN BOSSelectro-mechanical components
 CAMFILclean air solutions, molecular filtration, compact filters, containment systems, air purifers
 CAMLOC MOTION CONTROLgas springs & dampers
 CANDIGRApumps, valves, filters and sight glasses
 CAPIfasteners made of plastic, caps, handles, locks, hinges
 CARLINGelectrical and electronic switches and assemblies, circuit breakers, electronic controls, power distribution units, and multiplexed power distribution systems.
 CARLO GAVAZZIautomation components, relays, switches, test and measuring instruments
 CARNIERE ET DEFOSSEZself clinching parts, welding parts, rivets
 CARR LANEparts of jigs and fixtures
 CARTER MANUFACTURINGprecision bearings for all applications3D Models
 CASADIOindustrial vibrators
 CATUcompression tools and terminations, safety and security productd, underground distribution
 CCMOPclamping technique, indexers, grippers, swivel units, gripping systems, vacuum accessories
 CCVI BEARING COMPANYspherical plain bearings, rods ends, hydraulics rod ends, bushes, cam follower
 CEF (COMPTOIR EUROPÉEN DE FABRIQUES)machinery storage elements, air springs, vibration isolation sheets, polyurethane springs
 CEFEMindustrial switches and systems of cut bt, magnetic components
 CEJNcoupling & nipples, auto coupling
 CELESCO TRANSDUCERlinear potentiometers, cable extension position transducers, rotation position tranducer, incline position transducers
 CENTA ANTRIEBE KIRSCHEYflexible couplings
 CEScable ladder, trunking general, miscellaneous sections, mounting components, cable way accessories, fixing and mounting accessories
 CETICelectric actuators, linear units, mechanical components
 CHAINEPROTECguards, safety light curtains, safety switches, emergency stop switches, warning lights, control buttons
 CHAPALAINmetal cables and chains, slings
 CHAPELhydraulic cylinders
 CHAPELLETassembling components
 CHATEL-GALLAYclamping systems
 CHAUVIN ARNOUXmeasuring and testing instruments
 CHERRYswitches, sensors
 CHIARAVALLIindustrial transmissions
 CHINA HAILINdiesel engine, diesel generator set, diesel water pump set, gasoline water pump set, pump end
 CHLORIDE FRANCEconnectivity, cabling, fire pump controllers
 CHUCHU-DECAYEUXvalves, straight fittings, elbows, gas cabinets, seals, meter boxes, flanges, pinces, buffer tanks
 CIMAPballs, rollers and needles
 CIRCUTORmeasuring and electrical control, protection and control, quality and metering to power factor correction and harmonic filtering
 CIRRUS FRANCEsound level meters and noise measurement instruments
 CITELpower surge protectors
 CITY SENSORSthick film strain gage ceramic pressure sensors
 CLIPPARD MINIMATICpneumatic electronic valves, pneumatic cylinders, miniature pneumatic fittings3D Models
 CMMscrews, washers, hooks, handles, knobs, flywheels, pulleys, rollers, bushings
 CMPcable glands and connectors
 CODECHAMPoptical encoders
 COLDER PRODUCTSquick couplings and fittings for plastic tubing
 COMAPfittings, generals valves
 COMASinjecting machines, pie lines
 COMERconcrete mixers, cranes, dumper, pavers, transpallets, pumps
 COMITRONICswitches, relays, power line carrier, touch sensitive buttons and lights
 CONDUCTIXcable-carrying chains
 CONEX BÄNNINGERplumbing fittings and valves
 CONGATECecc modules
 COOPER TOOLShand tools, power tools, chains, pneumatic machines
 COPLEY CONTROLSdigital servo & stepper drives, ruggedized servo drives, configuration & control software.
 COTRANSAgearboxes and geared motors
 COURBISproduction of parts from pu, silikon, composites, rim
 CPDNsuction cups, bellows, membranes
 CRP TRANSMISSIONelectricals actuators, servo actuators
 CUMSAsmall undercuts ; plate accelerator ; double date stamp ; sequential marker ; vertical lifter block ; cable retainer ; shock absorber ; compact coring unit ; slides ; ejection ; spacer disc ; cooling ; accessories
 CURTISmotos speed controlleurs, wide ranging customization
 CVMactuators,valves,butterfly valve
 CYGNUSultrasonic hatch leak detector industrial leak detectors
 DA SILVApumps
 DADCO DIEBOLTgas springs gas lifters air cylinders
 DAFFIdoors, rosettes, handles, knobs for furniture
 DAGARDclean rooms, insulated constructions, walk in cold rooms
 DAGARD 3D Models
 DANFOSS POWER SOLUTIONShydrostatics transmission, orbital motors, valves, electrics drives
 DATASENSORopto-electronic detectors, sensors inductive, proximity sensors, position sensors, angular sensors, electronic meters
 DAVIDunit load handling, bulk handling, composite rollers, daisy chain rollers, pulleys
 DAYTON PROGRESSpunches, retainers, matrixes, springs
 DEFONTAINEchangeover valves
 DELAUNAYcable gland accessories for electric cables
 DELAVANspraying nozzles
 DELTA EQUIPEMENTpneumatic drives, cables, solenoid valves, slides, bushings, rotary actuators, pneumatic couplings
 DELTA LINEdrives, motors, gear motors
 DELTA OHMtemperature, pressure,photometry, radiometry, datalogger
 DELTA SENSORsensors and systems
 DELTADOREtransmitter, receiver, gateway, remote controls, sensors, thermostats
 DEMAcylindrical pins, dowel pins, grooved pins, taper pins, parallel keys
 DEMAGmanufacturer of industrial cranes and components
 DEMMELERindustrial need, sheet metal processing, sheet metal work, mechanical engineering
 DEPRAGscrewdriving technology, automation, air motors, industrial tools
 DESCHplanetary gears and special gears, press drives, clutches and drive components
 DESCOURS ET CABAUDcylinders, actuators, automation
 DESGRANGEScutting tools
 DEUBLINrotating unions ; steam joints & siphons ; turbulence bars
 DEVILLE RECTIFICATIONrubber springs, screw springs, interchangeable sliding guiding, ancillaries
 DEVLIN ELECTRONICSkey switches, keycaps, led push button switches, push button switches
 DIAGERdrilling hammer, picks and chisels, core bits and accessories, masonry, straight shank, metal bits, wood drill bits
 DIAMONDsteel duckboard
 DICTATOR TECHNIKlift accessories gas springs hydraulic dampers hold-open systems and electro magnets drive units and dampers for fire protection doors drive units door checks and door closers3D Models
 DI-EL INDUSTRIEELEKTONIKsensors, vision id, lighting
 DIGIconnector, software download, wireless, wired embedded solutions, wireless routers, gateways, wireless modems, console servers, camera and sensors
 DIMAFLUIDpumps, actuators, valves
 DIPOSTELbrakes, clutches, springs, clamping elements
 DIPSIvoltage clamp, current clamp, digitizer, and headstage all-in-one
 DIRAKlocks, latches, hinges,electronic latching, seals and edges, protectors, stainless, assecories3D Models
 DI-SORICinclination sensor, lighting, photoelectric sensors, fibre optic cabels, movement sensors, ring sencors, ultrasonic sensors3D Models
 DISTRIBARTpolybutylene pipes, filters, reducers, valves and fittings, gaskets and handles
 DISTRIFLEXhydraulics and pneumatics, tubing, hydraulic lines, pneumatic fittings, solenoid valves
 DOLD INDUSTRIESsafety relays, motor brake relays, pump control, monitoring, soft start, solid state relays, measuring relays...
 DOSAPRO MILTON ROYskids, dosing pumps, mixers, stations for preparation, cuff valves
 DOUCE HYDROhydraulic cylinder, piston accumulator
 DRÄGER SAFETYmedical ventilation, medical monitoring, medical architectural systems ans lights, gas detection devices, alcohol and drug screening devices, rescue and shelter systems
 DRESSERvalves, process control valves, actuators, instruments
 DS DYNATECrotary actuators, solenoid valves
 DUFF NORTONrotary unions, worm gear mechanical actuators
 DURAparking brakes, pedals, seating control systems, door and strutural components, cable systems, automotive hardware
 DURBALheavy-duty rod ends
 EAOindustrial switches, pushbuttons, emergency stops, rotary switches, indicators, selector switches, sub-miniature switches, keylock switches, rugged keyboards and security pin-entry keypads and custom-built control panel3D Models
 EATON/MOELLERsystems and components concerned with power distribution and automation in industrial
 EBROactuator eletric, actuator pneumatic, butterfly valves, knife gates valves
 ECKOLDgas-filled springs
 ECMU RBRbearings, gears ball joints, bushings, miniature bearings, linear bearings, material handling rollers, snap rings, grease and chains
 ECOFITexternal rotor motors and fans, ac and dc
 ECONOSTOvalves, fittings, pumps, instrumentation
 ECS SAScollets, sleeves and bushes, rings and plug gauges
 EDACelectronic connectors
 EFFBEo-rings, die-cut gaskets, molded parts, diaphragms, elastomer springs, engine mounting elements, shock and vibration absorbers
 EFJM plug, pistons, standard seals
 EFP INDUSTRIEplastic fasteners, screws, nuts, washers, rings, clips, rivets, plugs, threaded rods
 EGANAanti-vibrating and supports products
 EICHENBERGER GEWINDElinear power transmission technology3D Models
 EISELEcompressed-air hoses screw joints plug connectors spigots quick-release couplings shut-off valves check valves control valves valves
 EISELE GETRIEBEpower transmission
 ELAU 3D Models
 ELBEdrive shafs, drive flanges, spiders, drill spindles
 ELBIhigh accuracy ball screws, rolled ball screws, axxel units, planetary roller screws 3D Models
 ELCadjustable and multiple power supplies, functions generators and decade boxes, fixed power supplies, oem power suplies
 ELCISshaft encoders, electronic handwheels, linear transducers, cams systems
 ELCOMconveyor units, transfer3D Models
 ELDONelectrical cabinet systems
 ELECTRIX INTERNATIONALtrunking, conduit systems, cable tray systems, electrical enclosures, supports and fasterners
 ELECTRO-SENSORSshat speed switches, tachometers, reverse rotation detectors, sensors, encodeurs, wraps, motor and motion controllers
 ELEROdrive motors and controls for roller shutters, solar protection systems and doors
 ELESAergostyle; rotary controls; technical components; accessories for hydraulic system; operating elements; clamping and control; industrial handles; indexing and positioning elements3D Models
 ELETTROTECvacuum switches, pressure switches, float level switches,temperature switches, flow switches, electronic pressure switches, pressure transmitters, level sensors, level monitoring system
 ELGESspherical plain bearings, rod ends
 ELITEdrive systems
 ELKOMcabinet & enclosures components
 ELMAelma electronic is a global manufacturer of products to house electronic systems and create embedded computing platforms.3D Models
 ELOBAUnon-contacting sensor technology
 ELPROM SRLelectric motors
 ELSTERgas distribution and utilisation.
 ELTROTECcoloursensors lasersensors optosensors
 EMASswitches, motor protection switches, buttons, signals, contactors, relays & sockets, light towers
 EMHARTrivets, tools, inserts for plastics, plastic and metal fasteners, screw thread inserts
 EMICOwashers ans spacers, slide bearing, feet and buffers, screws and nuts
 EMILE MAURIN - ELÉMENTS STANDARD MÉCANIQUESassembly elements, grips, industrial control devices, handles, hinges, levers, knobs3D Models
 EMKA BESCHLAGTEILElatches, handles, fittings
 EMOD MOTORENelectric motors
 EMSMextractor fan, cupboards, laboratory equipment
 EMUGEprescision tools in clamping technology
 EMZsquirrel-cage motors, slip ring motor, polechangeable motors, dc motors, commutator motor, unbalance motor, geared motors, polechangeable geared motor, control geared motor, rotating converter, generators, transformer, starters
 ENDRESS+HAUSERinstrumentation for level, pressure, temperature, flow
 ENELdistributor of di-soric (sensors, detectors)
 ENGEL ELEKTROANTRIEBEelectric motor, ac motor, geared motor, gear and amplifier
 ENIDINEindustrial shock absorbers, rate controles, wire rope isolators and air spings
 ENZFELDERscrew jack, electric cylinder, telescopic screw jack, bevel gear, cardan shaft, winches
 EOC / DMEstandards for tooling, stamping dies and plastic injection tools
 EPCIhinges, locks, adjustable feets
 EPCOSelectronics components
 EPI DISTRIBUTIONtrolleys, slaughtering conveyor wheels, poultry pulleys, polyamid wheels
 EPPINGERtool holders
 EPSpick-and-place systems
 EPSITECHgears, pulleys
 EQUIP'INOXchemical valves, agro-alimentary and pharmacy valves
 ERA-SIBautomatic distribution solenoid valves
 ERHARDvalves3D Models
 ERHARDT + ABTassembly and handling for medical, automotive and plastic products
 ERMOinjection mold making
 ERMOVALaluminum profiles and accessories.
 EROslide guides rollerguides manualcircular attachments
 ESVEcollets, bushings, collet chuck
 ETELlinear motors, torque motors
 ETIelectrical products
 ETTAXwheels (rubber and nylon)
 ETTINGERscrews, spacer sleeves, battery holders, washers, spacers, nuts, handles, cable clamps
 EUCHNERindustrial safety3D Models
 EURO AIR INSTRUMENTSpneumatic components
 EURO TRANSMISSIONballs, spindle bearings, ball joints
 EUROBINOXbutterfly valves , piston valves , electrical equipments
 EUROMAGflat pots, magnetic cylinders,u-shaped magnets
 EUROMAThydraulics actuators
 EUROPOWER HYDRAULICShigh pressure hydraulic hose and hose couplings
 EUROSWITCHlevel sensors, pressure sensors, temperature sensors, position sensors, speed sensors
 EVARD PRECISIONclamping, concentric, pneumatic, mechanical, multiple
 EW HOFdc motors, ac motors, ac synchronous motors, battery-powered actuators, motors, stepper motors
 EWOhydraulic cylinders, rotary motors, valves, hydraulic couplings
 EXAIRvortex tube
 EXO INTERNATIONALhoisting, tensioners, pliers and hoisting claw,winches, stabilizer, trolleys, cables winches, drums, elingues,
 F2Aair handling equipment (valves, vents, grates, ..)
 FAGORbrushless ac servomotors, linear and rotary encoders
 FAIGLE faigle plastics
 FANDISthermoelectric cooling units,fan filters, frame fans, external rotor fans, cross flow fans, heat pumps, lamps, thermostats, hygrostats
 FANUCindustrial robots and controllers
 FARBOpneumatic cylinders and valves, rotary drives, sucker holder, silencers, vacuum suction, venturi injectors
 FARGAMELhydraulic and mechanical clamping
 FARNELLcables, wire and assemblies, connectors, switches, relays
 FAROmeasuring arms, laser tracker, laser scanner
 FASTENALhand tools
 FATHleveling feet ; hinges and fittings ; t-slot nuts ; accessories for aluminum profiles 3D Models
 FAULHABERdc motors brushless motors motion control systems stepper motors gearmotors precision gearheads linear actuators encoders drive electronics micromechanical systems motor-tachogenerators
 FCIconnectors, connectors for military, railway and aircraft, coaxial connectors, special connectors3D Models
 FCXinstrumentation,valves,process valves ,steam equipment ,safety equipment ,pumps
 FEBAgripper systems and vacuum technology, conveyor belt systems
 FEDtaps, valves
 FEDERAL MOGULproduct for rail industry, pistons, pistons rings, powers cylinder systems, valves seats, liners, powertrain sealing and bearings, vehicle safety and protection
 FEINMETALL GMBH development and production of contact solutions (contact probes and probe cards) for the test of electrical and electronical components
 FENWICKbrushless motor, air compressors, clamps
 FERMODhardware and accessories for the refrigeration industry
 FERRYdouble rotor air motors
 FESTOpneumatic drives, servo pneumatic positionning systems, vacuum technology, handling, valves, sensors, electrical and pneumatic connection technology
 FEZERvacuum components and vacuum handling
 FFDM PNEUMATelectrical and pneumatic tools for assembly systems
 FG INOXbolts-fasteners, valves, fittings
 FICHET BATIMENTdoorsets, locks, cylinders
 FIMET MOTORI E RIDUTTORIengines and gearboxes
 FIMORlayers polyurethane squeegees, squeegee sharpenersz, small hand tools and accessories, silicone keypads, interfaces, joints, parts on plan, shock resistant cases
 FINDLING WÄLZLAGERball bearings roller bearings needle bearings pillow blocks spherical plain bearings linear motion
 FIPAvacuumtechnology, end-of-arm tooling3D Models
 FIRAfastener for plastics,self-cutting metal screws , hardware security
 FIRST PLASTgutters, roofing, sewage connections, vents
 FISCHERdowels, screws, fastening technology
 FISCHERWERKEfixing systems, automotive systems
 FITOKfittings, valves, filters, hoses and connectors, quick-connects, vessels and sample, manifolds, tools and accessories
 FLENDERconstruction and production of drive solutions ; gears ; motors ; geared motors
 FLINTECload cell, weighing electronices, weighing transmitter, analogue transmitter
 FLIR SYSTEMSthermal imaging for government commercial and industrial
 FLOWROXvalves, pumps
 FLUID METERINGvalveless metering pumps and dispensers
 FLUITRONICShydraulics systems
 FLUKE FRANCEclamp meters, infrared cameras
 FM SYSTEMEaluminium profile systems
 FMG FÖRDERTECHNIKfmg förderelemente is a manufacturer of conveying elements gravity rollers carrying rollers - general cargo and bulk material.
 FOC TRANSMISSIONSgear reducer boxes, gearings, driving units
 FOGEXcouplings, universal joints, hub assembly, sprockets and chains, pulleys, belts, bevel gears, screw jacks
 FOREST-LINÉflexible cells, speed milling, machining centers, milling centers
 FP HYDRAULIQUEhydraulic valves, directional presssure and flow control valves, transfer system
 FRAMO MORATgear technology, worm gears, linear actuators3D Models
 FRANCE AIRventilation, climatisation
 FRANCE JOINThydraulics seals, pneumatics seals, rotating seals,...3D Models
 FRANKplastic pipe systems and apparates
 FRESMAKvises and accessories
 FSG FERNSTEUERGERÄTEindustrial measuring and automatic control engineering
 FSMbuildingtechnologie, pipes, fittings, flexible connectors
 F-T-Ahydraulic distributors, switches, pumps, motors
 FTV / RDO ALPHAfasteners and screws inviolable, unremovable, robotics consistent
 FUJIKURA COMPOSITES - CONTROL EQUIPMENTprecision, high accuracy pneumatic control equipment, bf diaphragms (deep draw, top hat diaphragms) for use in low friction bf cylinders3D Models
 GALATmotors, motoreductors, spiral bevel
 GALLTEC-MELAhumidity temparature sensors, capacitive sensors, electronical controllers, hydrostats
 GAMhigh precision gear reducers, servo couplings and linear slide kits
 GANTOISwoven meshes
 GAROSsensors of strenght, extensometer
 GATrotary unions, test rig components, electrical slip rings, systems for internal minimal quantity lubrication, and air bearing precision spindles.
 GATHERmagnetic drive gear pumps and quick-disconnect couplings for piping and hoselines
 GAUTHIER CONNECTIQUEwiring accessories, connectors
 GE POWER CONTROLSstarters, sensors, contactors, relays
 GEFEG-NECKARthree-phase motors and ac motors dc motors and universal motors gears electronics, controllers encoders breaks
 GEM INDUSTRIEstraight adapter, elbow, tee, cross, nut, sleeve, profiled ring, quick coupling, clamp
 GEMTmodular conveyors, cables chains,components and conveyors accessories
 GEMÜvalves biotech valves high purity valves industrial valves butterfly valves seat valves globe valves solenoid valves flow meters regulating equipment
 GENERAL ELECTRICmotors, drives, controls3D Models
 GENOMAdrive shafts, standard parts, magnetic systems
 GEORGII KOBOLDelectric motors
 GERICKEgravimetric loss in weight feeders, volumetric feeders, belt weigh feeders, controller,
 GFDmetal-o-rings metal-c-rings ptfe seals radial lip seals seals
 GHEashtrays, bell pushes, emergency hammers, gas struts, locks, catches
 GIMATICparallel grippers,3 jaws grippers,radial grippers,angular grippers,linear actuators,linear guidances,rotary units,one finger grippers,air nippers, sensors
 GIRPIpvc pipes, pvc fittings, clamps, buffer, vents, valves, pipes, fittings
 GISMA STECKVERBINDER GMBHgisma steckverbinder gmbh has specialised in the development, design and production of underwater connectors
 GLENAIRsupplier for air, marine and aerospace3D Models
 GLOBEassembly, industrial tools, transmission
 GMIindustrial valves
 GMNball bearings freewheel clutches seals spindles
 GOODFELLOWsuplies of metals, alloys, ceramics, polymers,compounds and composites
 GRADEL BAUDINroller screws
 GRAESSLINpalletizing technology transfer technology
 GRAINGERindustry dealer
 GRIPPfittings, valves
 GRKpressure reducer, water meter, ball valves, domestic fittings, safety units valves
 GROHEsanitary fittings
 GROSCHOPPservo-motors, commutator motors, induction motors for rotation and alternating current, brushless dc/ac motors, gearboxes, components
 GRWhigh-precision ball bearings
 GSR VENTILTECHNIKvalve technology
 GÜDELmodular system of linear displacement, gears, reducers3D Models
 GÜHRING SPANNTECHNIKjoining technology
 GÜHRING WERKZEUGEcutting tool technology
 GUNNEBO LIFTINGlifting components, shackles, chains
 GUTEKUNSTcompression springs ; extension springs ; torsion springs
 H+VALVESsafety relief valves, pressure and vacuum relief valves, p.t.f.e. lined valves and accessories
 HÄFELEfurniture fittings
 HAIMERultra-precision tooling and machines, primarily in the field of machine tools. tool holders, balancing machines, 3d sensors, centering tools, and inductive shrink machines
 HAINBUCHclamping tools
 HALDEXhydraulic fan drive systems, hydraulic gear pumps, hydraulic power systems, emissions reduction systems, hydraulic fluid motors, hydraulic flow dividers
 HALFENbuilding pre-cast concrete elements, commercial and residential construction
 HÄNCHENhydraulic cylinders
 HANNAY WAYgrade garden hose reel on wheels
 HANSER ANTRIEBSTECHNIK AGstandard parts, controls, devices and machine elements
 HANSFORD SENSORSaccelerometers, velocity sensors, switch and connection boxes, vibration modules
 HARHUES & TEUFERTlinear guidance systems
 HARMONIC DRIVEdrive servo actuators, harmonic drive gearboxes
 HARTINGelectrical connectors
 HARTMANN ELEKTRONIKcompactpci backplanes
 HARWINdatamate, connectors, specialist connectors,terminals and hardwware
 HASCOstandards for molds and tooling, hot runner technology
 HATclutches and brakes
 HAUSMANN + HAENSGENspecial bearings, linear systems, power transmission, couplings, geared motors, vibration control, locking devices, safety couplings, din-and standard parts, lubricants, compressed air techology
 HÄWA standard solutions of premium cabinet systems and wall mounts
 HAWEhigh-quality hydraulic components and systems
 HAYDON KERKlead screws and nuts, idea stepper motor drives, drives, linear rails, guides and splines, sealed switches
 HAYDON KERK MOTIONlinear actuators, lead screws, gears, linear guides, cylinders, linear motors, linear rail products
 HECKER WERKEseals, friction elements
 HECOweld fittings, threaded fittings, flanges, couplings
 HEGRAtelescopic slides and rails
 HEICOnails, rivets, accessories for furniture and seats
 HEIDENHAINlinear and angle encoders, rotary encoders, digital readouts, and numerical controls
 HEISSstandard cylinders, hydraulic cylinders, block cylinders, cubes cylinders, compact cylinders, short stroke cylinders, rotary actuators, swing cylinders, pressure intensifiers, rotating union
 HEITOgauges, thermostats for low flow rates
 HELUKABELcables & wires
 HERO FÖRDERTECHNIKhandling systems
 HETTICHwould furniture-fit
 HEXAGON METROLOGYmeasuring machines, gauges and hand tools, laser stations, laser scanners, laser tracker systems
 HEYDball joints, clevis joints, ball washers
 HEYNAUgears geared moteors
 HEYPACair driven pumps, hydraulic power units, pressure boosters and intensifiers
 HEYTECinfinetily variable speed drives, spur gearboxes, worm gearboxes, planetary gearboxes, special gearboxes, servo controllers, frequency inverters
 HIROSEcircular connectors • pcb connectors • coaxial connectors (rf connectors) • automotive connectors • microwave components • fiber optic connectors • telecomm- rj11/rj45 connectors • bnc connectors • small memory/media connectors
 HIRSCHMANN FIXTURING AND AUTOMATIONrod ends spherical bearings axial shaft seals fixuring systems palletizing systems rotary dividing tables automation
 HIWINlinear guideways ballscrews positioning systems linear actuator ball bearings
 HLSgantry robots, axle systems, components, controls
 HMSembedded modules for fieldbus and ethernet, network connectors
 HOFFMANNpiston top, seal seat, armature for solenoid,bonded seals, gamma rings, rubber metall buffers3D Models
 HONSBERGmeasuring and monitoring equipment for flow, level, temperature, pressure and filtration
 HPCrigid couplings, universal joints, bellows couplings, flexibles couplings, clevis components, gas springs, handles, linear seals, locks, hoist rings
 HSBmechanical linear drives linear unites handlinsystems
 HUBA CONTROLpressure transmitters, pressure switches, force sensors
 HUBER+SUHNERelectrical and optical connectivity
 HUCK FASTENERSlockbolts ; huck blind rivets ; huck® hydraulic fastener tools ; huck® pneudraulic tools ; huck® powerig hydraulic systems
 HUCOcouplings3D Models
 HUMPHREY PRODUCTSvalves proven technology
 HUNGER HYDRAULIKhydraulic seals pneumatic seals bearing elements
 HUNGER PNEUMATIKpneumatic, pneumatic cylinders, valves, rotary pumps
 HUOTpipe coupling and service connection fittings for drinking water systems
 HUTCHINSONmechanical transmission, bearings, seals, antivibration components
 HWG WÄLZLAGERantifriction bearing
 HYDACall hydraulic product of fluid technology sector
 HYDRAULIKAcylinders universal cylinders, round construction hydraulic servo grade cylinders light metal cylinders for air din cylinders for hydraulic block cylinders rotating drives hydraulic cylinders for heavy weight pressure intensifiers and pressure transducers connecting parts and fittings
 HYDRO LEDUCpiston pumps, hydraulic motors, hydro-pneumatic accumulators, and custom hydraulic component
 HYDRO TGrepair of hydraulic pumps and motors and hydrostatic transmission
 HYDROBLOCKcylinders, valves, hydraulic components
 HYDROCAPhydro electric power stations and sytems of controls
 HYDRO-GEARpiston,pumps and motors
 HYDROLL hydraulic accumulators
 HYDROPNEUhydraulic cylinders, power units, controls
 HYLECconnectors and terminal blocks, weatherproof connectors, cable glands, enclosures and control components
 HYTORChydraulic spanner,pneumatic screwdriver,tightening system
 IAIpneumatic cylinders ; motor controllers, drives ; linear actuators ; robotic arms, industrial robots ; linear slides, linear tables
 IDEMECAadaptable hydraulic jack
 IDGseals, scrapers, guides, oil seals, sliding seals, o-rings, backup rings
 IKOlinear guiding
 ILMEindustrial connectors3D Models
 IME MESSGERÄTEelectrical and electronic measuring
 IMI SENSORSindustrial accelerometers, transmitters, vibration switches, cables connectors
 I-MOLDproducts for injection molding, hot runner systems, mold accessories
 IMS VERBINDUNGSTECHNIKfasteners made of plastic, metal and spring steel
 INCOEvalve gate technology
 INDUNORMlinear technology, linear axis and handling systems, hydraulic hose and pipe connections, valves, ball valves, rotary joints, micro-measurement3D Models
 INDUR ANTRIEBSTECHNIKdrive systems, gear motors, stepper gearbox, brakes and clutches
 INDUSTRIAsolenoid, solenoids valves, pressure switches, self-sealing couplings and connections to assembly, actuators, manifold blocks
 INFICONvacuum instrumentation, sensor technology, air conditioning
 INFRANORservo-motors, gear motors, servo drives, gear
 INFRATECinfrared sensors
 INGERSOLL-RANDtools, compressed air, lifting, material handling, engine starting, blowers
 INKOMAdrive components
 INTEC - MOTION SYSTEMSintec - motion systems designs, develops und manufactures high quality servo systems that are used for basic velocity control as well as demanding trajectory control.
 INTERFITbutt weld fittings
 INTERHYDRAULIKhydraulic components
 INTERROLLconveyor rollers, rollerdrives, belt drives3D Models
 IPRjoining and compensatory aids, pneumatic, hydraulic and electric grippers, tool changers, rotary modules, collision protection systems and force sensors
 IP-SYSTEMESplcs, variable speed drives, remote management solutions
 ISC PLASTIC PARTSstandardized plastic parts for fixing and fastening
 ISELlinear actuators, rotary units, power transmission, control, sensors, accessories
 ISO ROULEMENTSball, roller and needle bearings, linear motion, chains, ears, sprockets
 ISOTEClinear- and system profile technique
 ISTIinstrumental software technologies
 ITALCUSCINETTIbearing, needle beauring, bushes, chains, rods ends
 ITASpylons, tees, cables, connectors, jumpers, combiners
 ITT CANNONcircular connectors, connectors for military, railways and aircraft, coaxial connectors, special connectors
 ITW SWITCHESpush button, micro, slide and rocker switches, switch panels and assemblies
 IVOcounting and control components for automation
 IWAKImagnetic drive pumps process pumps mde series mdm series mxm series mdf-l series mx, mx-f series mdh, mdh-f series self-priming pumps smx series small size pumps md series md-f series direct drive pumps rd series • metering pumps & dosing pumps • pneumatic drive pumps • air pumps • gear pumps • turbine pumps • screw pumps • water quality control
 IWIStiming drives / engine systems, drive systems3D Models
 JACOBcable glands, measuring devices and controls
 JACOB ROHRSYSTEMEmodula pipework systems
 JAEGER CONNECTORSelectrical connector systems3D Models
 JAMES WALKERfluid sealing products
 JAMESBURYball valves, butterfly valves, tank car valves, actuators, switches & sensors.
 JANATICS PNEUMATICpneumatic cylinders
 JANZembedded and applied computing, industrial communication, application and customization
 JAUREcouplings and transmission elements
 JDNair driven hoists, winches and cranes
 JENAER ANTRIEBSTECHNIKmotors, amplifierts, mechatronical systems
 JERGENSworkholding solutions, lifting solutions, and specialty fasteners
 JESAball bearings, track rollers
 JOHN CRANEcouplings
 JOHN GUESTplumbing fittings, valves & accessories
 JOHNE REILHOFERcontrollers, rack cards, sensors
 JORCball valves, mesh cleaning valaves, adapters, connectors, mounting brackets, solenoid coils
 JPMmortise panic exit device, master key systems
 JTEKT HPIpumps,hydraulic motors, electro-pump sets, micro power packs, mini power packs, valves
 JUMOsensors, probes, thermometers, measuring transducer
 JVLservo and stepper motors, hmis, gear reducers, encoders, discrete servo and stepper motors and controllers, linear motors, ball screw & tooth belt driven actuators
 KÄHLIG ANTRIEBSTECHNIKd.c. drives with and without brushes
 KAMAwheels and castors
 KANIAlighting systems
 KANYAextrusion connecting system, tube clamp system
 KAYDONthin section ball bearings, roller bearings3D Models
 KDIpipes, profiles, bars, flat products
 KEBgears, magnetsystems
 KECcircular backshells, bulkhead panel fittings, cable & harness assemblies, d type and rectangular backshells, connector nut rings, round and flat metal braids
 KELLER KALMBACHpressure transducers, pressure transmitters, pressures switches
 KENDRIONelectromagnetic components
 KENDROair quality instruments, handheld, radiation measurement, protection, security, detection systems
 KENNAMETALmetalworking, energy, mining, construction, wear components
 KERN - LIEBERSband springs, wire springs, stamping technology, components for textile machinery
 KEYENCEproximity sensor , pressure sensor, laser sensor, photoelectric sensor3D Models
 KIMOcontrol and measuring instruments
 KINAVO SERVO MOTOR (CHANGZHOU) LTDkinavo servo motor (changzhou) ltd is a hi-tech company which is specialized in researching and developing efficient and energy saving servo motor
 KINETIC SYSTEMSstandard linear modules, handling systems3D Models
 KINETROLrotary vane actuators ; pneumatic actuators ; valve mounting ; control units ; spring returns ; positioners (ap pneumatic) ; positioners (el electropneumatic) ; limit switches ; electrohydraulic actuators
 KISTLERpressure sensors, force sensors, torque sensors
 KITZin-line filter and in-line air dryer, valves
 KLOCKEpoint of contact for innovative products and solutions. supplier of mechanical drive components and small sub-assemblies for machinery and plant construction.
 KML LINEAR MOTIONlinear motor systems, movement systems, linear motion components
 KNFpumps and compressors
 KOBOsprockets and chains
 KOBOLDlow volume flow meters and monitors, pressure gauges, pressure sensors and switches, flowmeters and monitors, rotating vane flow merters and monitors...
 KONSTANDINpneumatics - hydraulics - vacuum
 KORBball bushings hardened shafts, linear rails monocarriers, ball screws, roller screws, handling systems
 KOYObearings, roller bearings, linear bearings, needle bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, ball bearings, miniature bearings, precision bearings
 KRACHTtransfer pumps, hydraulic motors, high pressure gear pumps, valves, pump units, gear type flow meter and electronics
 KSBpump motor, valves and systems
 KUHNfarm machinery
 KUHNKEpneumatic components
 KUKAMETtoggle clamps
 KULITEpressure transducer technology
 KURODA JENA TEClinear and rotary motion products and services
 KV AUTOMATIONeuropac cylinders (8-25mm) ; clamp cylinders (12-63mm) ; compact cylinders (32-63mm) ; vdma cylinders (32-100mm) ; automation products ; accessories for pneumatic actuators ; solenoid valves ; ex-type ; process ; coaxial ; air-line equipment ; vacuum products ; fittings and accessories
 KVTsystems for connection, fastening, automation
 LABELelectrical sliprings
 LABFACILITYconnectors, wire and cable, sensors
 LACROIX SOFRELproducts for remote management of techn. plants
 LADNERchucks and jaws
 LAIPPLEdrive and control engineering
 LAPP GROUPcables, lines and technology covering all aspects of cables for an extremely broad range of industries.
 LATECOEREonboard wiring and systems
 LATTYmechanical seals, statics seals
 LAYHERrubber mouldings, relays, hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, pressure switches
 LE GUELLECprecision metal tubes
 LECHLERpneumatic atomizers hollow cone nozzles full cone nozzles flat fan nozzles solid jet nozzles compressed air nozzles tank cleaning nozzles ultrasonic atomizers
 LEDUCstandard spring, compression spring, traction spring, coil spring, conicol spring3D Models
 LEEprecision microhydraulics and electro fluidic systems
 LEGALLAISlocks, fittings, hand tools, accessories
 LEGRIS AIRWAREpneumatic fittings, pipe and accessories
 LEISTERhot air blowers, air heaters and blowers3D Models
 LEMOprecision custom connection solutions3D Models
 LENORD + BAUERautomation systems
 LESOLrubber to metal blocks, spring isolators, sustainers
 LEWApumps, centrifugal pumps, air operated diaphragm pumps, metering pumps, process pumps, rotary pumps
 LEWMARanchors, blocks, travellers, track, rope clutches, cleats, portlight, rigging, winches, thrusters
 LEYBOLDfore vacuum pumps, high vacuum pumps, vacuum systems, vacuum gauges, total pressure gauges, leak detecting instruments, flange fittings and valves
 LHG-GLEITLAGERKOMPONENTENsliding bearing components
 LIAONING XIANGsingle crystal is an excellent substrate for epitaxial
 LIDERINGmechanical seals
 LIEBHERRconstruction machinery
 LIKA ELECTRONIC SRLincremental encoders, angular encoders, rotary encoders, magnetic sensors, displays, controls, actuators
 LINAKlinear actuators, rotary actuators,twindrive actuators,lifting columns, control boxes, controls
 LINATECassembling profiles, linear modules, aluminum profiles, linear modules
 LINDAPTERstellworks fixing, cavitiy fixings, rail fixings, floor fixings, support fixings
 LINNEMANNflange pipe connection clamping flange pipe connection clamp pipe connection aseptic clamp pipe connection aseptic threaded pipe connection aseptic orbital welding fittings threaded pipe connection fittings and accessories pinch valves installation accessories tubes
 LISIlockbolts, taper hi lites, inserts and stubs, standard threaded fasteners and nuts, latches
 LITTLEFUSElittelfuse is the world leader in circuit protection offering automotive fuses, automotive circuit protection, fuses, electrical fuses, thyristors and more.
 LITTON PRECISIONbrushless dc-motors
 LMLswitch contact rivet, connector contact rivet,relays contact rivet, breakers contact rivet and other device components
 LOCKdrive systems
 LOHER / FLENDERmotors generators drive components complete drive systems eletronical devices
 LORDcoatings, electronic materiels, vibration, shock, motion control products, aerospace parts repair station
 LUKAS HYDRAULIKhydraulic3D Models
 LUMBERGconnectors systems, circular connectors, terminal blocks, modules junction boxes
 LUMOXfittings, couplings, flanges, elbows, gaskets, clamps, hoses, shocks
 LYDALLair filtration, liquid filtration
 LYPSISforms of centering, guiding elements, ejector, cutting elements, elastomeric springs, disc springs, pins, screws, gas springs, compression springs, friction elements, guiding elements for mold
 M & Spipe connections, reducers and connections, bends
 MACCONelectric motors, drives and controls, sensors, electromechanical components, motioneering
 MACRO SENSORSspring loaded, separate core, rotary position sensors, electronics, signal cond
 MADERhandling equipment, pneumatic drive technology, air treatment, pneumatic components
 MAFELEClift buttons, indicator lamps, lights, electrical control
 MAGNETROLlevel switch, level transmitter, flow switch, flow transmitter, mmagnetic level indicators, magnetostrictive, pulse burst radar, thermal dispersion
 MAGNET-SCHULTZspecialist for solenoids & electromagnetics devices
 MAHLEpiston systems, cylinder components, valve train systems, air management systems, fluid management systems, industry - filtration industry - engine components, small engine components
 MAHRmeasuring machines, ball guide, spinning pumps
 MANTIONsliding systems
 MANU LOIREwheels, rollers
 MANULIhoses, adaptors, tubes, hydraulic assemblies
 MANUTANindustrial supplies, equipment, material handling equipment and office furniture
 MARECHAL ELECTRICindustrial plugs, socket-outlets
 MARSH BELLOFRAMtimers and counters, digital panel meters, pressure instruments and gauges, air regulators and transducers
 MATREX PRODUCTIONSconveying rollers
 MAUNSYSTEMaucun aluminum profiles, work tables, profiles
 MAVkeyless frictional shaft-hub connections in many different variations having shaft sizes from 5mm up to 1000mm
 MAXtoothed belt axes, telescope, ballscew, gears
 MAYTECprofile systems
 MC MASTER-CARRindustry representation, fasteners, tools, accessories
 MCGILLelectrical products : temporaty, portacle lighting, electrical safety products, switches and indicators, lamp protection, cords and reels
 MCPIindexing tables, handlers, rotary rings, linear transfers, rotating union for pneumatic, vacuum and electric signals
 MDC VACUUMvalves, flanges, fittings, vaccum pumps, parts for motions and manipulations, electrical and fluid feedthroughs
 MDP MOTORmotors, actuactors, motoreductors3D Models
 MEASforce sensors, torque sensors, acceleration sensors, pressure sensors
 MECswitches, caps, panels, illumination
 MECAFRANCE2 piece ball valves, 3 piece ball valves, actuation
 MECA-INOXvalve, filter, sight glass, sanitary ball,
 MECALECTROlinear electromagnets, rotary solenoids, elelctromagnetic holdings3D Models
 MECAMAGmagnetic workholding, mechanical clamping, permanent magnets, magnetic separators
 MECANINDUSbolts, screws, nails, pins
 MECASONICmethods for thermoplastics welding
 MECTROLbelts, pulleys
 MECVELscrewjacks, gear motors, electronic, linear actuators
 MEDER ELECTRONICreed relays, reed sensors, reed switches, level sensors, magnets, opto couplers, oki switches
 MEFApipe clamps, profile rail systems, fixpoints, connectors, spspring insulators, slideing elements
 MEGADYNEpulleys, belts
 MEGATRONpotentiometers, linear transducers, gmr, sensofoil, resistors, encoders
 MELEXISin vehicle networking, motor control ic, power control ic, sensor ic
 MELLES GRIOToptics, lasers, opto-mechanical hardware
 MERKESsmall motors
 MESApumps, mixers, instrumentation
 METAFRAMbearings, self-lubricating bushings
 METAL WORKsolenoid valves, pneumatic cylinders, fittings, air treatment
 METALUXlocks, latches
 METAXmechanical seals, rotary joints, lip seal systems, hydraulic seals, coupling, reconditioning of seals
 METERball bearing, rollers, rotary connections, slewing rings
 MEUSBURGERmold components, hot runner systems
 MGI / GENOYER GROUPadapter flanges (oil, nuclear), valve bodies
 MICHAUD CHAILLY - DIRECT TRANSMISSIONcouplings, mechanical standard components3D Models
 MICROMECHlinear actuators, rotary tables, linear positioning tables, rotary and linear guides, couplings, ballscrews, linear stages, vacuum stages, gearboxes
 MICROMOencoders, micro motors
 MICROSCANbarcode readers
 MICROSONICultrasonic sensors3D Models
 MID-VARIACORfitting with variable angle
 MIL'Slubrificated rotary vanes vacuum pumps, oil-free rotary vanes vaccum pumps and blowers, oil-less piston vaccum pumps
 MINIMOTORminiature drive systems
 MISUMImachine elements
 MITUTOYOmeasuring machines, vision measuring systems, form measurrement, optical measuring, sensor systems, digital scale and fro systems
 MK GROUPprofile technology, conveyor technology, linear motion
 MMCpump, filter
 MOLD MASTERShot runner systems
 MOLEXcircular connectors, connectors for military, railways and aircraft, coaxial connectors, special connectors
 MÖNNINGHOFFtooth clutches, torque limiter, couplings
 MONTECHlinear guides, profiles, automation components
 MOOGactuators, servoactuators, alternators, cartridge, sercartridge, electronics, fiber optic devices, sensors, motion systems, motors and servomotors
 MORALIvacuum cup
 MORSEdrum handling equipment
 MOSS PLASTIC PARTScaps, plugs, clips, fasteners, rivets, nuts, feet and castors,tube inserts knobs, handles, pcb accesories
 MOTION DYNAMICSsensors for chassis performance, sensors for embedded systems, systems for dynamic measurements, radar systems
 MOTOVARIOgeared motors and gear unit ; helical geared motors ; bevel helical geared motors ; worm geared motors ; electric motors ; asincronous electric motors ; three phase electric motors ; single phase electric motors ; brake motors
 MOXAindustrial ethernet,industrial wireless, industrial computing, serial, usb,fielbdus
 MOXMECsystems based on piezoelectric vibration, pliers, mechatronic cylinders
 MS MOTOR SERVICEplain bearing3D Models
 MSSmanufacturers standardization society of the valve and fittings industry inc.
 MTAcooling, conditioning, purifying
 MTK BEARINGSball and roller bearings
 MTStesting and sensing solutions
 MTS SENSORSlinear position sensors, liquid level sensors, mobile equipment sensors, light industrial /commercial sensors
 MULCOsynchroflex®, breco® and brecoflex® polyurethane timing belts
 MÜPROclamp systems, vibration control systems
 MURRELEKTRONIKcontrol cabinets ; transformers / rectified power supplies switch mode power supplies buffering / redundancy intelligent power distribution converters / rectifiers control cabinet plug sockets emc filters emc suppressors relays / safety relays optocouplers / semiconductors active interface technology passive interface technology eurocard holders / control components signal towers
 MURTFELDTplastics; chain, belt and sliding guides; tensioning systems; lubrication systems
 NANOTEC ELECTRONICstepper motors, linear actuators, encodeur, gears, brakes
 NEIDLEINface driver
 NELEScontrol valves, on-off valves, esd valves, acutators, positioners and limit switches
 NETZSCHanalysing and testing, grinding and dispersing, pumps and systems
 NEUGARTgears, spur gears, bevel gears, gear racks, internal gears, threaded shafts
 NEUMEISTER HYDRAULIKcylinders, flow dividers, valves, roof lifting plants, hydraulic displacement control, swapbody systems
 NEW ELFINindustrial push-button panels, with both 22 and 30 diameters: pilot lights, mushroom emergency switches, key selector switches, and manipulators. we have a complete series of push-button container boxes of thermoplastic, aluminium or stainless steel and panels of polyester
 NEXENroller pinion system, the linear drive alternative
 NIASAlinears tables, rodless machanical cilynders, linears actuators & screws supports
 NICOLLfittings, ball valves, sanitary fittings and accessories, gutters, drains and manholes, ventilation, ventilation accessories
 NICOMATICmiscellaneous connectors
 NIPPON BEARINGlinear bearings ; linear slides ; linear tables
 NIPPON GEARlimitorque ; gear drives ; jacks ; gears
 NITTOpumps and air compressors, quick connect couplings
 NKK3,000,000 different switch options with ratings from logic level to 50 amps ; dip ; illuminated pushbutton ; illuminated rocker ; illuminated slide ; illuminated tactile ; illuminated toggle ; keylock ; lcd programmable ; pushbutton ; rocker ; rotary ; slide ; surface mount ; tactile ; tilt ; toggle
 NMBminiature precision ball bearings
 NORCANlinear guides, conveyors, frameworks, workstations
 NORD-LOCKsecurity screw, washers3D Models
 NORDSONdispense tips, fluid dispensers, valve systems
 NORELEMsupplier of flexible standard parts, systems and components for machine and mechanical engineering, as well as for measuring and testing equipment.3D Models
 NORHAMmulti-material fittings, elbows, valves
 NORIT SÜDMOvalves singleseat valves doubleseat valves butterfly valves regulating valves
 NORMAclamp and assembly technology
 NORMAEROhinges, springs, cables, nipples, couplings, nuts, rings, chains
 NOSTAt-slots, feather key, milled parts, rails3D Models
 NOVACAMprofilometer, optical coherence tomography, modular harware components, custom metrelogy solution
 NOVACOMsuction cups, fixings and inserts, venturis, air amplifiers, vortex tubes, spring systems, vacuum, filters, vacuum switches, grippers
 NOVARESSORTtension springs, compression springs, torsion springs
 NOVEXIAelectrical components for medium and low voltage
 NSIintegration of embedded electronic communication systems
 NTIlinear motors, linear guides, servo controllers
 NUMATICScomplete serie of pneumatic products
 ODEsolenoid valves
 ODE FRANCEpneumatic and solenoid valves
 OETIKERswing couplings, clamps and rings, quick action couplings sv
 OGURAelectromagnetic clutches and brakes
 OILGEARpumps, valves, flow meters, motors, manifolds
 OKATRONflush mounting, wall mounting, electrical cabinet, buttons
 OMEGA DYNAMICautomation, sensors, automation components
 ONDRIVESsmall reduction gearboxes
 OPO OESCHGERmachinery and tools and also fittings for kitchens, furniture, doors and buildings
 OPTEL THEVONfiber-optic sensors and probes, fork sensors, optical sensors
 OPTIBELTv-belts, rubber timing belts
 OPTICAL SURFACES LIMITEDetalonsand windows, sphericals and flat mirrors, laser beam expanders, collimators, monted/custom optics, lenses and sprims
 ORFLAM INDUSTRIESgas springs and accesories
 ORTACplastic and metal cable glands
 ORTLINGHAUSplates, clutches, brakes, systems
 OSBORN INTERNATIONALload rails for high-capacity
 OSKARlocks, hinges and accessories
 OSLVmotors, gearmotors and electrical actuators
 OT SEALlip seals
 OTT-JAKOBrotary union unclamü unit inside spindle intersifier grippers palett clamping unit
 OWISoptical beam handling systems, positioning systems
 P.T.M.rotary actuators tilting modules gripping modules tilting-gripping modules linear units
 PALETTIprofile systems, handling systems, conveyor systems
 PALLsupplying filtration, separations, and purifications technologies
 PANASONICoptical relay, relay & switch connectors, photomos, drives,operating systems, temperature control equipment, power supplies, control timers & counters, fans, limit switch, sunx sensors, built-in sensors, ionizers, laser marking machine vision3D Models
 PARKER - HYDRAULICvalves, filtrers, pumps, fittings, cylinders, hose, motors
 PARKER AUTOMATIONvalves, filtrers, pumps, fittings, cylinders, hose, motors
 PARKER HANNIFINvalves, filtrers, pumps, fittings, cylinders, hose, motors
 PARKER ORIGApneumatic and electric linear drives control systems valves cylinders air preparation units pressure regulators accessories
 PARVALUXmotors, motoreductors, gearboxes
 PEDROTTImold equipment
 PENNENGINEERING (PEM®)fasteners ; inserts
 PENTAIR WATERflow technologies, pump and systems solutions for the water and wastewater industrie, systems for the treatment and filtration of air, gas, water and others fluids
 PENTAIR/SCHROFFcabinets wall-mounted cases 19'' cases, table top cases and tower cases subracks plug-in units power supplies3D Models
 PEPPERL+FUCHSelectronic sensors and components ; identification systems, logic control units, electrical and mechanical system components, conventional interface technology, remote i/o systems, fieldbus technology, field devices
 PERJESelectromagnetic locks, latches, solenoids
 PETRASpneumatics and hydraulics actuators
 PFAtrue locking core pull cylinders (kor-lok®), quick die change systems (qdc ), quick mold change systems (qmc), multi-slide die casting solutions, industrial locking and braking cylinders, and robotic automation end-effectors.
 PFAFF-SILBERBLAUlifting and material handling, actuators, rail and road
 PFEIFERconnecting and lifting systems
 PFEIFFERvacuum technology, rotary vane pumps, roots pumps, diaphragm pumps, screw pumps, piston pumps, turbopumps
 PFLITSCHcable glands from a modular system kit
 PHDgripper, bushings, linear and rotary actuators
 PHILIPS LIGHTINGlighting systems
 PHILIPS LUMILEDSleds for automotive systems, leds for flash in the digital imaging, leds for illumination3D Models
 PHOENIX CONTACTconnectors3D Models
 PHYTRONdriver, controller, motors, actuators, mechanics and equipement3D Models
 PIABsuctions cups, vacuum pumps, vacuum grippers, vacuum conveyors3D Models
 PIERRE GUERINvessels and piping, cleaning and sterilization in place
 PILZsafety automation
 PINKkf components iso-k clamped flanges cf and cof components edge welded bellows high vacuum valves ultra high vacuum valves and gas locks feedthroughs uhv - technology
 PISCOpneumatic valves and fittings, accessories
 PISTER2-way ball valves multiway ball valves ball valves for gas solenoid valves
 PIVbevel gearbox, controller
 PIZZATO ELETTRICAposition switch, lift devices, security devices, security modules, human-machine interface
 PL SYSTEMSindustrial plc´s
 PLANETROLLvariable speed gearboxes planetary gearheads geared motors high-precision variable speed gearboxes
 PLASTECHconnector, pitch, ribbon cable connector
 PLASTIMOwater sports accessories, pulleys, padlocks, cable winches
 PLASTITALIAfittings pipes, water and gas
 PM INSTRUMENTATIONsensors for force, displacement, torque, pressure, tilt, acceleration
 PMI-AMTpmi group was established in 1990. it’s highly involved in manufacturing of ballscrews, linear guideway and mono stage.
 PNEUMATIC UNIONpneumatic cylinder, compact short stroke cylinders, rodless cylinders, guide units, rotary actuators, valves, connectors
 PNEUMAXmechanical - manual valves and accessories ; pneumatic and solenoid valves ; air service units ; cylinders ; fittings and accessories ; manipulation3D Models
 POCLAIN HYDRAULICSmotors, pumps, valves, electronics
 POLYCAPTILinfrared automatic detector, fiber optic detection, level probe liquid
 POMMIERcouplings, skid plates, pulling eyes, tow bars, security systems
 POMPES POLLARD"cmtec" vane pumps, propeller pumps, "cirrus" extrusion pumps
 POSIVAgears, winches, hydraulic
 POWER JACKSmetric and imperial machine screw jacks ; ball screw jacks - metric and imperial ; cubic metric machine screw jacks ; stainless steel screw jacks - metric and imperial ; micro minature screw jacks ; anode screw jacks ; roller screw and special screw jacks
 POWERSEALthe end products are primarily used by fluid and gas distribution construction industries for the repair, maintenance, and new construction of potable water and sanitary sewer lines, agricultural irrigation lines, natural gas distribution lines, and low-pressure oil gathering lines. clamps ; saddles ; sleeves ; couplings ; specialties fabrications ; valves
 PRECI-DIPspring-loaded connectors, sockets, screw-machined contacts3D Models
 PRECISEhigh speed spindles
 PRECISIONaerosol valve, actuators,buttons ans domes
 PRECISION TECHNOLOGY USA, INC.rodless actuators, rod-style actuators, cubic screw jacks, linear tables, modified actuators, precision screw drives3D Models
 PRECYDROmanufacturer of special parts, cylinders, piston rods, seals, sleeves
 PREPOLhigh performance molded rubber seals
 PREVOSTcouplings for compressed air, compressed air accessories,work stations equipment, pipes and fittings for compressed air ringmains, compressed air treatment, breathing air
 PRINTED MOTOR WORKSelectric motors, joysticks and drive systems3D Models
 PROCENTECtroubleshootings, repearters, hubs and termination, cable, connectors
 PROFORMelbowq, concentric reducers, tees, collars and caps
 PROMESSassembly press, torque system, assembly monitoring
 PROMINENTstorage tanks, chemical tranfer pumps, metering pumps, perestalric pumps, dosing systems, filtrer and softeners, membrane filtration
 PRO-PENmachines and software for permanent marking
 PRUD’HOMME TRANSMISSIONSchains, belts and pulleys, gearings, linear elements, variators, reductors, motors
 PSEsprings, hose clamps, snap rings
 PULSAR PROCESSlevel control, pump control, process protection, sand in oil, sludge interface, belt scale integrator
 PULSGETRIEBEplanetary gearboxes, spur gearboxes, spur gearboxes with several output shafts, shift gearboxes
 PÜSCHELautomatic technology
 QCL hinges, furnitures hinges, building hinges, knobs and pulls, assembly and catches, bolts and locks, pads and glids, door stops, ,hangers, handles and hooks, doors and shutters accessories, bars and tubes, casters, storage, shelfs
 R+Wcoupling3D Models
 RÄDER VOGELwheels and castors
 RADIALLantennas, fiber optics, microwave components, multipin connectors, ff cable assembly,coaxial connectors3D Models
 RAFERchains,sprockets, aprons
 RAFIelectromechanical components. operating, communication and control systems. automotive products
 RALPEgear units and motor gear units, pulley and friction speed variators, hydrodinamic clutches and couplings, electromagnetic brakes and cluthes
 RAMSEIER WERKZEUGNORMALIENpunching tool, moldmaking, machines and fixture construction, mod accessories, guiding elements, cutting and forming elements, springs
 RAMUS INDUSTRIEindustrial taps and fittings
 RAPID TORCline of hydraulic bolt tensioners
 RASTELLI RACCORDIhydraulic unions
 RBC BEARINGSaerospace bearings
 RED LIONhmi functionality for plcs, motor drives and other communications-capable devices
 REDEX ANDANTEXservo-gearboxes,differential,spiral bevel gearboxes, reducers-multiplers with fixed or variable ratiosrack & pinion drivesbrakes, clutchesrack & pinion drives
 REDUCTORES CUNATgear box, worm wheel mix, worm wheel, helicoidal, pendular, right angla units, hollow shaft motors
 REDUMEelectric motors, machining, of mechanical parts, heat treatment and metallurgical products.
 REGGIANA RIDUTTORIgearboxes, motors
 REGINAindustrial chains, conveyor chains, motorcycle chains
 REHBERG INTERNATIONALball transfer units
 REHFUSSdriving system engineering, gears and gearmotors
 REHM DICHTUNGENflat seal, gasket
 REICHspecial ball bearings.
 REICHELTtubing program, joining technique, cocks and valves, pumps, laboratory devices and accessories, semifinished products, filtration
 REICH-KUPPLUNGENcouplings, clutches
 REID TOOL SUPPLY COMPANYknobs, handles, hand wheels, fasteners, hardware, bearing, power transmission, clamps, workholding, leveling devices, metalmworking, pneumatics, hydraulics, tooling components, structural systems
 RELIANCEprecision gears, precision couplings, bearings and spacers, screws and hardware, leadscrews, racks and pinions, clutches and collars, linear guides and slides, belts and pulleys, clamps, shafts and collars
 RELPOLelectromagnetic relays3D Models
 RENCOL COMPONENTSindustrial plastic and metal components
 RENOLDroller chain, conveyor chain, leaf chain, gears, couplings, sprag clutch freewheels, material handling.
 REXNORD_FLATTOPbearing, flat chain, coupling, geared products, conveying equipment, engineered chain, roller chain
 REYHERfasteners and fastener technology, custom made items
 RIETSCHLEpumps, compressors
 RINGSPANNpower transmission, freewheels, brakes, shaft-hub-connections, overload clutches, shaft couplings, workholding technology, precision clamping chucks, precision clamping mandrels, clamping clutches, rcs® remote control systems, push/pull cables
 RINObeam/bellows coupling replacement, disc couplings, aluminum step beam couplings, jaw coupling, slip clutches, bore adapters
 RK ROSE+KRIEGERtube systems assembly, linears components
 ROBOHANDpneumatic grippers, electric grippers, rotary motion, linear motion
 ROBOTICindustrial and manual clampings3D Models
 ROCKWELL AUTOMATIONmotion control, motor control, drives, push buttons, signaling, relays, sensors, limit switches
 RODRIGUEZhybrid thin section bearing ; metric thin section bearing ; reali slim bearing ; ultra slim line ; turnable bearing ; linear guideway ; linear motors & supplies ; ballscrews ; ball units ; linear bearings
 RÖHMclamping tools 3D Models
 ROLLON LINEAREVOLUTIONlinear bearings and actuactors3D Models
 ROLLVISsatellite roller screw
 ROMERportable measuring arms laser scanners tube inspection systems accessories for portable measuring arms
 RÖMHELDhydraulic clamping elements for clamping of workpieces, hydraulic cylinders for linear motions of every type, clamping and industrial power units | hydraulic pressure generators, assembly and handling technique, linear actuator technology
 RONISlock and locking devices3D Models
 ROSA CATENEtransmission chains,scraper chains, heavy conveying, light conveying, traction
 ROSEMOUNTmeasurement and analytical products,
 ROSENBERGERhigh-end connectivity solutions, high frequency, fiber optics and cables
 ROSSI MOTORIDUTTORIgearmotors, gear reducers, motors
 ROSTAcomponents for the elastic suspension of screens, sifters, conveyor troughs and discharge feeders3D Models
 ROTARY POWERhydraulic, piston pumps and motors
 ROTEMwheels, castors
 ROTOR CLIPretaining- and constant section rings, rotor clamp
 ROTORKelectric, pneumatic & hydraulic valve actuators and associated control systems, valve gearboxes & valve accessories
 ROTRONICmeasurement products, specialising in humidity, dew point, moisture and temperature
 ROTZINGER RO-FLEXbuffer systems, ro-flex, logistic modules, material handling
 ROULEAUX PACKconveyor rollers
 RRGdrives, fluids, elastomers, vibration
 RS COMPONENTSelectronics components, power and connectors, electrical, automation and cables, mechanical products and tools3D Models
 RST RABE-SYSTEM-TECHNIKcable glands, enclosure systems, pressure equalizing elements
 RST ROZTOZCElocking systems, hinges, clamps, gaskets
 RUHRGETRIEBEdc and three-phase motors, single-drum motors
 RULANDshaft collars, rigid couplings, beam couplings, quick clamping, bellows couplings, jaw couplings, oldham couplings, disc couplings
 RULMECArollers and stations, motorized pulleys, pulleys
 S N E Tgears
 SAB WABCOrail pass, pneumatic tube system, metal plates
 SACCAPindustrial valves
 SAFIball valves, diaphragm valves, actuators, butterfly valves, tamperproof & lockable valves, pipe line accessories
 SAFIMvalves, cylinders, trailers components
 SAGOPmachine vices and work holding equipment
 SAINT GOBAIN PERFORMANCE PLASTICS VERNERETflexible tubings, gaskets & seals, hoses & fittings, pumps, valves and manifolds
 SAINTE-LIZAIGNEwater clamps, connecting valves, stopping valves, fitting and nipples, metering support rails, water meters valves
 SALZGITTERsteel and technology
 SAMwrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, torque control, insulated tools,...
 SAMOAair operated oil pumps and kits, air operated grease pumps and kits, air operated pumps for fluids
 SAMTEChigh speed, micro pitch, rugged/power, and flexible board stacking systems, cable assemblies and components, ip68 sealed i/o, and rf components and cables.
 SANCASSIANOcommissioning mixing systems
 SANKYOdie settings components, cam slide components, stripper and pads, slide components, blanking die components, pierce components, gauge, panel transfer components, pressure source components
 SANTESTmechatronic instruments such as transducers, electro-hydraulic systems and state-of-the-art product development.
 SAPELEMvacuum components, handling equipments3D Models
 SAV SPANNTECHNIKpermanent, electro and ep magnetic, mechanical, hydraulic, vacuum, demagntisers, sine tables, magnetic tools
 SAVIOhandles, snap latches, hinges, bolts and accessories, tilt and turn window machanism, closing handles and closing devices, corner cleats, arm stays, tubular door handles, tilt and sliding mechanism
 SBIthreaded bars and nuts, standard stainless fasteners, stainless special screws
 SBNrolling bearings
 SCHAFFNERfilters, feedthrought filters and capacitors, automotive components
 SCHALTBAUconnectros, snap-action switches, contractors, control devices, transprotation system equipment
 SCHEMAcylinder, hydraulic power
 SCHERZINGERpumps transfer pumps circulation pumps metering pumps process pumps
 SCHLEGELsprings and stampings
 SCHMID GROUPmechanical engineering
 SCHMIDT-KUPPLUNGcouplings3D Models
 SCHNEEBERGERlinear bearings and recirculating units slides guideways with integrated measuring system linear and rotary modules
 SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC - AUTOMATION AND CONTROLautomation and control, installation systems and control, solar, critical power and cooling services3D Models
 SCHNORRdisc springs
 SCHOCK METALLball bearing slides, linear slides
 SCHUBERT & SALZERsoftware, valves, lost wax casting process
 SCHÜCOsolar products, doors, windows and facades
 SCHUNKgripping systems
 SCHURTERfuses, connectors & filters, circuit breakers for equipment, input systems3D Models
 SCHWADERERlevelling mounts
 SCHWER FITTINGSscrewed fittings interchangeable unions, flare couplings, cone sealing couplings, hose adaptors, compression fittings, ball, needle, globe drain and gate fittings
 SDP (STOCK DRIVE PRODUCTS)gears, belts and pulleys, bearings, brakes and clutches
 SEALCONcable management solutions3D Models
 SEALMASTERinflatable seal retaining systems
 SECUMSelectrobolts, valve interlocks
 SECURE FASTENERSmanufacturers & distributors of all types of bolts, nuts in any materials and finishes
 SEDdiaphragm valves seat valves flowmeters systemcomponents
 SEGORspeed reducers, motor-reducers
 SEIMECgear reducers, gearmotors, electrical motors
 SENGApneumatic fittings
 SENSIRIONflow sensor solutions for gases, liquids, etc.
 SENSOPARTvision sensor and systems, optical sensors, inductive sensors, ultrasonic sensors
 SENSOREXdisplacement transducteurs
 SENSORTECHNICSpressure sensors pressure transducers pressure transmitters submersible level sensors electrical pressure switches force sensors miniature valves resistant valves electronic pressure controllers diaphragm pumps
 SENSOR-TECHNIK WIEDEMANNcontrollers and i/o modules sensors and measurement technology in-cylinder pressure
 SENSTRONICsensors, splitter boxes, connectors
 SERADoperator terminal, motion controller, brushless drive
 SERAXpower driving systems
 SERMESelectric motors, gear boxes and geared motors, electric hoists, pumps, inverters, starters, switchgears and systems
 SERVINOXstainless steel valves
 SERVOMECHlinear actuators, screw jacks
 SEW-EURODRIVEgear motors
 SFERACOvalves, domestic pumps, fittings,
 SFEROadjusting locking/unlocking nuts and rings3D Models
 SHANDONG SWISS ELECTRICgearless variable speed direct drive
 SHANGHAI BAP INDUSTRIES CO. LTDspecialized in design & manufacturing of mechanical transmission equipment. 3D Models
 SIEPELmeasurements systems
 SIERRA INSTRUMENTSmass flow meters and controllers
 SIGEAlinear guiding, motors, rotatives tables, robotic
 SIGERISTlevelling caster ; shaft coupling ; screwless shaft hub stainless steel
 SIHsolutions for smoke venting, ventilation and roof-mounted overhead lighting
 SIKAmeasurement, control, calibration
 SIKLAsupport systems for mechanical & electrical (m&e) services and plant construction
 SIMAFfastening for plastics, fastening for metals, fastening for wood3D Models
 SIMELelectric motors, interchangeable flanges, pump drive couplings for burners
 SIPEXboost regulators buck regulators charge pumps led drivers linear regulators power blox™ pwm controllers references supervisors usb vbus switches
 SIREMgear motors, centrifugal pumps, motorized rollers and drums, immersed gear motors and pumps
 SITEMAclamping devices
 SKFball & roller screws
 SKF LINEAR MOTIONshaft guiding, precision shaft, roller screws, ball screws
 SKIFFYwashers, fixing rings, finishing washers, slide bearings, insulation sleeves, spacers, cylindrical threaded spacers, handles, knobs, screws, nuts, drive fasteners, cable accessories, cover caps, nut caps, plugs, ventilation covers, ...
 SLBmultidiameter, services valve, saddles, meter boxes, tapping valves, stop cock, metering acessories
 SLFball bearings, spindle units
 SLIVENTair nozzles, safety air guns, safety silencers
 SMALLEYretaining springs ; wave springs
 SMP SINTERMETALLE PROMETHEUSchokes for wind turbine inverters, toroidal inductors
 SMPR CONTROLEparts for measurement fixtures
 SMURFIT SOCARpachaging and containerboard
 SMW AUTOBLOKchucks, center cylinders
 SNAP-ONcertified manufacturer of tool cabinets including roll cabs, lockers, top chests, workstation raisers, and tool wagon accessories; automotive tools, relays testers including power adaptors; hand tools (spline drive, awls, hooks and picks, brakes, seal, cutting, diesel, cylinder, and screwdrivers); pneumatic tools(diesel-timing gauge sets includes dial indicator, gauge holder, and gear puller); wrenches (adjustable wrenches, box/offset, box/ratcheting, combination wrenches, crowfoot, flare nut, flex-head, open end, pipe wrenches and special application wrenches). iso 9001:2000 and iso 14001:2004 certified.
 SNTactuators, geared motors, step-down gear, angle transmission, coupling, torque limiter
 SOBETRAlinear servo-actuator , electromechanical actuators, indexers
 SOCAHhydraulics conponents
 SOCOMEC SICON UPSswitching and storage
 SODECAcentrifugal fans, axial flow fans, smoke extract fans, roof fans, ventilation3D Models
 SODIMATEL FASTENERSindustrial fasteners, contact parts, connections, assembly tools and complete assembly accessories
 SODIMEvalves, fitting
 SOFASCOrohs, ce certified ball bearing and sleeve ac/dc axial fans, blowers, centrifugal & crossflow (tangential) fans for electronic cooling applications, blowers and chip coolers
 SOFRAFIX KKVthreads for metals, threads for plastic, threads for thin mouldingss and wood, punched rivets for thin mouldings, screw locking
 SOGEMAhydraulic presses and hydraulic systems
 SOGEREPhydraulic cylinders, pneumatic cylinders, pneumatic lifing bags, pumps, speaders, cutters
 SOLARTRON METROLOGYdigital probe, digital displacement transducers
 SOMEXrange of machining units,multiple spindle heads, tool detection, drilling, tapping, milling reaming, translation, deep hole drilling
 SOMMER-AUTOMATICgripper separator swivel units pivot jaw axis modules axis compensation tool changer robotics accessories linear cylinder shock absorbers rotary cylinders air vane motor vacuum components handling systems
 SOMMER-TECHNIKvacuum technology, fluid technology, cylinders, rotating piston air motors, valves
 SOPAPlinear motion, rotating motion, lift and carry, trunnium
 SOURIAUcircular connector, rectangular connector, filer connector, hermetics connector, fiber optics and quadrax, ethernet network, push-pull
 SOURIAUcircular connector, rectangular connector, filer connector, hermetics connector, fiber optics and quadrax, ethernet network, push-pull3D Models
 SOUTHCOpanel/door latches and locks, electronic access and locking solutions, captive screws, hingers, handles, inject/eject mechanisms, inserts and standoffs
 SPAENAURbolts, screws and externally threaded fasteners, nots, inserts and internally theaded fasteners, washers, rivets, pins, rods, keys and retaining ring, fittings, springs and auto trim hardware, rubber and plastic extrusions
 SPECK KOLBENPUMPENpiston pumps, high pressure plunger pumps
 SPECK PUMPSliquid pumps, vacuum pumps
 SPECTRUMcoaxial filters, interconnects, filters, power filters, film modules
 SPIETHclamping sleeves guide bushings radial bearings locknuts clamping nuts guide gibs
 SPIRAX SARCOpipeline ancillaries, regulation, sealed stainless traps, valves
 SPIROLcoiled spring pins, hinge pins for pc board ejector clips, compression limiters, disc springs, dowel bushings, spring alignment dowels, inserts for plastics, slotted spring pins
 SPNgearboxes, toothing components, mechatronics
 SPRAYING SYSTEMS CO.experts in spray technology
 SPS TECHNOLOGIESnuts, bolts, rivets, aerospace components
 SSBswitch and control cabinets, top and towerboxes
 STABILUShydro-pneumatic, adjustment elements (gas springs), hydraulic vibration dampers, hydraulic doorstays, and automatic opening and closing systems for doors, trunk lids, and tailgates
 STAHLsafety barriers, lighting, isolators, camera and surveillance systems, components for heating systems, load disconnenct switches and motor starters, cable glands, breathing glands
 STASslings, hooks, links, shackles, load-binders
 STEINCOcastors, wheels
 STEINELturned parts, milled parts, form tools
 STEINEL NORMALIENdie sets made of steel and aluminium, die sets made of special grey cast iron, guide units, punches and dies, springs
 STEINMEYERdifferential roller screws ; lead screws ; ballscrews 3D Models
 STENFLEXsteel expansion joints, rubber expansion joints, pipe connectors, ptfe expansion joints, fabric expansion joints, rubber-metal elements, swivel joints
 STIEBERclutch and backstop
 STÖBERgeared motors planetary geared motors planetary gear units precision gear units motors3D Models
 STÖGERscrew and assembly technologies
 STÖGRAstepper motors
 STORZhydraulik cylinders, standard cylinders, hydraulic testing cylinders, special cylinders, plunger cylinders, reel cylinders
 STOTZair-electronic columns transducers standard air gages special air gages measuring systems
 STRACK NORMALIENstandard parts for injection moulding and die casting moulds, standard parts for punching and forming tools3D Models
 STRASSERsafety systems, steel profile systems, conveyor systems, linear transfer technology
 STRAUDOpipe fixings
 STRAUTMANN HYDRAULIKhydraulic cylinders
 STREET CRANEchain hoist - crane- electric wire - rope hoists- electric chain hoists- jib cranes -
 STROMAGbrakes, clutches, limit switches, discs
 SUBTIL FEDERNFABRIKcompression springs extension springs torsion springs
 SUCOpressure switches ; pressure transmitters ; electromagnetic clutches and brakes ; centrifugal clutches and brakes
 SUNFAB HYDRAULICS ABtechnologically advanced hydraulic pumps, motors
 SUNNEXanti-vibration and leveling mounts
 SUNRISE MEDICALmedical chairs, paediatric wheelchairs, manual and powered wheelchairs
 SVHjacks 700 and 850 bar, hand pumps
 SWAGELOKfilters, fittings, hoses and flexible tubing, leak detectors lubricants, regulators, sample cylinders, valves, welding system3D Models
 SYNVENTIVEtemperature and valve gate controllers, machine nozzles,
 T RACElinear guiding units3D Models
 TAIWAN KODAI COcasting products, electronic parts, forging products, hose clamps, packing, pliers, screws, universal pipe fittings, fourniture handles and knobs
 TAIYOhydraulic cylinder, rotary actuator, clamp unit, pump with motor, accumulator,
 TAKTOMATrotary indexers, linear systems
 TALBOT TOOLjig bushes and accessories, metric and imperial sizes to bs1098 and iso4248 ; t-bar location pins
 TE CONNECTIVITYantenna products, connector and connector components, filers, relays, switches ans sensors, fiber optics
 TEC AUTOMATISMESsolenoids and hold magnets, instantaneous and function, relays, sockets for relays ,programmable controllers electric control panels
 TECALEMIThydraulic hoses, fittings and ferrules, ring fittings, hydraulic adapters, grease nipples, couplings, pneumatic tubes
 TECHNAXpneumatic spot resistance welding head
 TECHNIFORmarking machines, laser machines, micro percussion machines, scribing machines, rotary engraving
 TECHNO PARTSseals for hydraulic, pneumatic, chemical and process plant engineering
 TECHNOSOFTintelligent drives and motors
 TECOFIvalves, check valves, strainers
 TECSISpressure gauges, pressure sensors, pressure switch electronical and mechanical, pressure switch, temperature switch
 TEKLEENfilters, controllers, valves, screens
 TEKTRONIXoscilloscopes, logic analysers, signal generators, spectrum analysers, digital multimeters
 TELEMECANIQUE SENSORSdata detection, safety detection, emergency stops 3D Models
 TEMmotoreductors, brushless motorization
 TEXTRON FASTENING SYSTEMSaircraft systems, , intelligence software solutions, precision smart weapons, piston engines, test and training systems
 THE IMAGING SOURCE EUROPEcameras, converters, grabbers, lignting, optics
 THEBENdigital time switches, analogue time switches, time relays, presence detectors, motion detectors, twilight switches, dimmer, clock thermostats, sensor technology
 THIELEconveying and lifting technology3D Models
 THKlinear guidance
 THOMSON IBLlinear ball bushing bearings, profile rail bearings, ball and lead screws, actuators, linear motion systems
 THORITEpneumatic valves, pneumatic cylinders, compressed air filters, lubricators and regulators, connectors for tubing and hose, pumping equipement
 TIEFFEhydraulic fittings
 TIIVISTEKESKUSseals and gaskets
 TILLhydraulic solutions
 TIMMER PNEUMATIKpneumatic cylinders, pneumatic accessories, pumps, vaccum technology, vaccuum lifters
 TITANOXcrimp screws, quick-acting coupling, inserts, rivets
 TITEFLEXsmooth bore teflon hose ; convoluted teflon hose ; annular metal hose
 TITGEMEYERfastening components, blind rivets, threaded inserts, assembly systems, installation tools, sealants and adhesives
 TOLLO LINEARlinear drives units, linear actuators, handling components
 TOLLOKlocking assemblies, shrink discs
 TOLMEGAcable trays
 TORKcontrol valves
 TORWEGGEwheels and castors, conveyor components, material handling technology, transport technology
 TOURALcerclam ® pentagonal axle brake
 TOX PRESSOTECHNIKpowerpackage (pp) ; electricdrive ; power presses ; finepress ; joining systems ; tongs ; punching systems ; powerkurver ; stamping systems
 TRAFAGpressure, temperature and gaz density sensors
 TR-ELECTRONICencoders, sensors
 TRELLEBORG GROUPsealing solutions
 TRIESscrew in valves, power units, rotating distributor, joy sticks, hydraulic cylinder
 TRINAMIC MOTION CONTROLintegrated circuits, modules, motors, pandrives, stepper motor drives.
 TRIUM POWERelectromechanical relays, power conversion, interconnect, high voltage power supplies
 TROAX 3D Models
 TSCHANflexible elastomeric couplings ; high-flex couplings ; torsionally rigid couplings
 TSUBAKIindustrial drive chains, attachment chains and large size conveyor chains
 TUBESTstainless steel flue liners stainless steel fences, stainless steel swing gates, sliding, gates and pedestrian gates, stainless steel access floor, stainless steel balustrades in kit and handrails, stainless steel urban furniture
 TUNINGindustrial valves, spring return valves, limit switches and indicators, electric valves, electric actuators
 TÜNKERSclamps, pneumatic gripper
 TURCKsensors, interfaces, fieldbuses3D Models
 TURIANrotating joints
 TUTHILLpumps, coupling, rod ends, ball joints
 TWKrotary transducers, electronic switching cam encoder, lenear transducers and gauges, inclinometer, displacement and angle converters
 TWO TECHNOLOGIESrugged computers and terminals, ip rating system
 TYCO VALVES & CONTROLShuge choice of valves
 TYP GUMMI TGWtechnical rollers and cylinders
 UHINGnon-contact flange detecting system fa ; operating instructions for uhing linear drives ; traversing drive rg12 ; rolling ring drive rg ; elektronic winding system ews ; guide system gs ; easylock® ; u-clip ; linear drive nut rs ; timing belt drive az ; engineering
 UKFspindle bearings, angular contact ball bearings, ball screw support, floating bearings, spindle units
 ULISthe silicon microbolometer
 UNBRAKOsocket head cap screws, shoulder screws, flat head socket screws, pressure plugs, dowel pins
 UNIMECscrew jacks, blade couplings
 UNITED COMPONENTSdrive trains, chain drives, sefety systems, seat mechanisms, chassis
 UTILCELLload cells
 V & Mseamless hot rolled steel tubes
 VACONmotor-mountable ac drives
 VALEOmotors and actuators
 VALLOURECpressing and forming of leads
 VALPESelectric actuators, pneumatic actuators, electric actuators
 VANNES LEFEBVREbutterfly valves, non return valves, gate valves, diaphragm control valves, membrane check valves
 VECTAslot die applicator technology, compact coating unit, rotation technology, melting, glue testing unit, heated hoses3D Models
 VEGAradar sensors
 VEITHfeathers, cutting temple, bushings, standards
 VELANindustrial valves: • pressure seal gate, globe & check valves • small forged (api 602) gate, globe & check valves • y-pattern bonnetless globe valves • cast steel (api 600) gate, globe & check valves • stainless steel (api 603) gate, globe & check valves • knife gate valves • api 6d & 6a trunnion-mounted ball valves • power ball valves • bellows seal gate, globe & check valves • cryogenic gate, globe & check valves • hf alkylation gate, globe & check valves • bimetallic steam traps • gear actuators
 VERDERdiaphragm pumps, peristaltic pumps, gear pumps, mag drive pumps
 VERLINDElifting equipment
 VESTA AUTOMATIONcylinders, valves, fitting
 VHMlighting, piping, foundry
 VIBRAFRANCEpeunatics and electrics vibrators
 VICTORY INTERNATIONALwinches, hydraulic jacks, hoists
 VISHAYsemiconductors, passive components3D Models
 VISHAY PRECISION GROUPload cells, weigh modules, weight indicators
 VISION CONTROLsystems, lighting and optics for machine vision, solar and photovoltaic, packing and filling, assembly and handling
 VITRONICmachine vision solutions
 VOLKMANNvacuum conveyors, vacuum pumps, vacuum components
 VORPEmicro gears, gears boxes
 VORTEX VALVESbutterfly valves, iris valves
 VULCANICheating elements, fluids heating, air heating, solids heating, temperature measurement
 VUOTOTECNICAtechnologies for creating and handling vacuum
 WACHENDORFF AUTOMATIONschaft encoders incremental quadrature, hollow shaft encodeurs incremental quadrature, encoders absolute, measuring and draw wire systems
 WAIRCOMindustrial pneumatic components
 WALTHER SYSTEMTECHNIKconveying, dosing, spraying, pulsing,color marking systems
 WALTHER-WERKEplugs and sockets, consumer boxes
 WAMGROUPbucket elevators, chain conveyors, valves, valve actuators
 WAMPFLERenergy guiding chains spring cable reels motorized cable reels
 WANDFLUHpoppet valves ; proportional valves ; miniature hydraulics ; spool valves ; electronics
 WAREMAawnings, shutters, sun protection
 WATT DRIVEmechanical and electronic drive technology
 WAVINplastic pipe systems in building & installation, civils & infrastructure segments
 WDSclamps ; support & location ; fixings ; torque screws & knobs ; indexing & positioning ; stainless steel ; cast iron, steel aluminium profiles ; metal handwheels ; metal knobs & grips ; plastic handwheels ; plastic knobs & grips ; handles and hinges ; toggle clamps ; die sets ; soft jaws ; machine tool accessories ; machine vices ; hand presses ; castors and wheels ; spencer franklin ; microloc ; enerpac ; magnetics ; pull downs inserts ; quick release pins
 WEBER-HYDRAULIKcylinders, valves, hydraulic power units
 WEGelectric motors (iec general purpose, nema standard, iec / two speed, iec / smoke extraction, iec hazardous area application, low and high voltage machines, synchronous and dc motors), drives (variable frequency drives, soft-starters), gearboxes (watt drive).
 WEG ANTRIEBEmotors & geared-motors for industrial automation, plant and machine construction, medical technology, high-tech industries.
 WEHquick connectors, cng refuelling components, h2 refuelling components, check valves, high pressure valves, filling rigs
 WEIDMÜLLER INTERFACE GMBH & CO. KGelectrical connectivity, transmission and konditioning of power
 WENGLORphotoelectronic sensors inductive proximity switches barcode scanner
 WERMAsignal towers, optical signal devices
 WETZEL 3D Models
 WG BEARINGSbearings
 WIBprecision ball bearings
 WICHITApneumatic and hydraulically actuated clutches and brakes
 WICKEcastor and wheels
 WIELAND ELECTRICautomation technology, building installation technology
 WIKApressure and temperature measurement
 WILCOXON RESEARCHsensors,, cables, connectors, vibration shakers
 WILH. SCHLECHTENDAHL & SÖHNE GMBH & CO. KGwss is the competent partner in developing and manufacturing locks and fittings for the international steel-, aluminium- and glass construction market
 WITTEclamping systems3D Models
 WITZENMANNmetal hose and expansion joints industry
 WIXROYDspring and index plungers, ball lock pins, levelling and machine feet, positioning and locating devices, thumb screws, knobs, handles and handwheels, clamping and fixing elements, toggle clamps, rollers and bumpers, shock absorbers
 WÖHNERbusbar system technology
 WÖKUclamping bolts, mold storage, ejector couplings
 WÖRNERseparating stops with or without damping, angle dampers, index cylinder, anti bounce stops, position sensors
 WÜRTHscrews for thermoplastics
 X AIRvortex tubes
 YAGEOelectronic passive components
 YALE LEVAGElift and shift, motion and lifting technology
 YOKOGAWAindustrial automation and control, test and measurement
 ZARGESsteps technology3D Models
 ZERO-MAXclamps3D Models
 ZIEHL-ABEGGfans and drives
 ZIMMERclamping and braking elements, shock absorber
 ZITECrotary bearings, linear bearings, power transmission, fluid technology, sealing technology
 ZKLlarge-scale spherical-roller, special and split bearings
 ZOLLERNsteel profiles gears linear modules gantry robots bearings engineering components
 ZUMBACHwire and cable, fiberoptics, wire drawing, measuring gauge
 ZURRERworm gears ,servo gears